The Unknown.

I was sitting at my desk listening to this clip, My waters of Fire tonight from someone in the US, when a client asked what I was watching. I explained and he said… What the hell is fracking?”

As one does, I went on to discuss with him my sincere concerns about Coal Seam Gas exploration and the need for more of the community to voice their concerns as to the health and safety issues, to this he added he didn’t have any before because he was oblivious and I believe this is probably the norm. It’s not that people don’t care it’s that they don’t know. How do we help them know more?

What does one have to do to raise an issue … a concern if you will? I spoke at council a month or so ago of my concerns that Dart Energy has exploration licenses that cover the entire Sydney region, in other words, they can, without local approval, drill CSG wells  pretty much where ever they like without even discussing it with the local council. I raised my concern that here in Liverpool we already had drilling happening alongside South Creek… out Kemps Creek way. There are others in our LGA, some exploratory some I believe active.  I refer you to the ABC website for more info.

I know Campbelltown and Camden councils have raised serious concerns and written long involved and technical submissions and sadly most have fallen on deaf ears… why because not enough of us are concerned about the long term ramifications. Should we be? Well if you go on information out of the USA, hell yeah…. the clip highlights the fact that the chemicals used in the fracking process are complex, largely unknown.  I watched an interview with the head of one of these organisations and when he was asked…he had no clue, no idea and just assumed they were safe…how can water that can be lit on fire be safe I asked myself. (this is a trailer to Gaslands the US doco)

I know coal seam gas is considered another energy source, however it is only what is considered an interim source and the contamination of our water is of serious concern to me… it may not affect us immediately but are you willing to risk our most precious resource… I’m not. I firmly believe there are some things you just don’t risk, fresh air and water being the two most important, without them we’re doomed… so concerted effort is not a likeable idea but a necessary one. As the old saying goes when in doubt don’t…and this is one of those issues… the science I’ve read and believe to be accurate makes me consider the whole idea actually the whole risk of CSG/fracking is much too dangerous to pursue.

Do you want to know more… click on the links in this story above, the ABC one allows you to type in your postcode and look at what is happening in your area, but look a little outside your area as well, because Mining… isn’t merely a straight down thing nowadays… the well can be almost a Kilometre from your home and actually drill below you. Technology is grand isn’t it? but sometime we just have to say no because we aren’t confident of the future safety issues…

Prove me wrong sure… but in the mean time, keep your hands and drills out of my back yard, I want a morotorium that no more wells can be drilled, here or anywhere until we’re 100% sure its 100% safe…

Btw… Liverpool is my backyard, so is NSW…Australia… I’m not prepared to risk our future… are you?

Also  nothing to my knowledge was done by the previous council to address my concerns, let’s see if that changes with the new council. You never know.


2 Responses to The Unknown.

  1. Inga Leonora says:

    I am completely shocked that there are people who do not know what CSG Extraction or fracking is! How is that even possible? So many people across the nation are fighting so hard against it. I am with them, and you.

    • Signe says:

      It is amazing when this fellow is from Randwick given he travels by train almost everywhere and lives just a little east of St Peters who had a similar, even worse situation when they wanted to drill in the middle of homes and made enormous amounts of press and posters etc everywhere.

      Unless it affects you it seems not to ruffle feathers… we need to ruffle feathers IMHO

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