Seeking feed back.

At our next Fairfield Liverpool Greens meeting in Liverpool, we will be discussing the positives and negatives of our recent election campaigns.  I have to admit I’m quite proud of the campaigns we ran, highly ethical, honest, grassroots and modern in that we used You-tube and social media to is best. However I am seeking feedback what would you say about the campaign, are there any areas you feel we could have improved, areas where we excelled even areas you’d like to comment on generally?

Bearing in mind we aren’t competing on an even dollar playing field what suggestions would you like to share with us as we begin our preparation for the next council election in 2016. For the record please bear in mind, personally even if equal funds were available to me, I could not direct the equivalent funding to a ‘campaign’ as some of our competitors did when there are homeless and hungry people in Liverpool who would much more deserving of  a meal etc and I feel confident my colleagues would agree. Sponsor a homeless shelter, build a ‘mens shed’ something for goodness sake – whatever but just to get elected… not my idea of a good spend and seriously not indicative of an active or engaged councillor. That said:

The Greens are here to stay and to achieve what we believe is fair and honest representation, what would  you consider necessary, ideal or even wish list stuff included in our forward planning… as my husband said yesterday only 3yrs 51 weeks to go. LOL

On a different topic, the 2168 Residents action group has begun organising its 2013 Health day, if you have ideas for  stalls and health oriented info stands or entertainment please let me know so I can share with this hard working group.


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