Official Announcement

Today in the Council Chambers will be the official announcement that Ned Mannoun is the new Liberal Mayor of Liverpool. Whilst it is my general practice to attend all events, 10.30am today is simply impossible considering work commitments.

So to that end, I wish him and the new councillors well and assure them my continued diligence.  I am of the hope his and other councillors’ attendance will improve, especially now he is the Mayor as in the past his attendance has been let’s say disappointing.

To the outgoing mayor Wendy Waller, all the best and thank you for what you were able to achieve during what can only be described as an extremely difficult term. Being on such a divisive council and during some extraordinarily difficult times (The Fire, the many weeks of an all out verbal assault on the then GM Phil Tolhurst by the then Liberals and Independents then his  untimely Death  just to name three of our darkest) I’m confident your experience and commitment to Liverpool will prevent you partaking of similar unpleasantness as a councillor.

There is much to be achieved here in Liverpool, my greatest wish is that the general community becomes more engaged, that the community watches what is happening and speaks up if there is a matter that concerns them. That they involve themselves and make our councillors know they are accountable to the whole community, not simply small sectors and certainly not to NIMBYism.

Liverpool is a fabulous place, it deserves the very best possible and as always I will use this blog to inform you and engage you, however as I’ve mentioned above it’s not as powerful as your personal involvement.

I hope to see you around the traps… and by all means help me by sharing positive information as you hear about it, as will I and let’s make sure our new and returning councillors know they work for us the rate payers of Liverpool.


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