It’s now up to you Liverpool

We’ve knocked on doors, delivered leaflets but mostly we’ve been involved and not just in the last weeks but over the last 4 years… Liverpool Council Elections are tomorrow. My fervent hope is that the good people of Liverpool have done their homework, investigated the candidates and will support those who truly have the advancement of Liverpool in their sights.

As with any campaign this cannot be achieved without the dedicated workers, members and families who come along with us, share our hopes and aspirations and deal with our tired and exhausted times as well. As this is my personal blog I can get personal , so here goes.

I’m going to miss some one I’m absolutely sure, but to my fabulous list of Candidates, thank you, each of you have in so many ways enhanced and involved the communities in which we live. I am so proud of the entire team. They are all truly passionate, caring and very much Liverpool focused … one I’m ever so hopeful to represent. Not to forget our fabulous supporters in the Greens like John and the guys from Bankstown, Margaret, Debbie and Eva from Macarthur, Bill Cashman and the FLG Members and the many, many,  more who have come along and assisted in so many ways, thank you.

On a side issue, what is fabulous about being part of the Greens is twofold, they share your hopes and dreams but more importantly they support, provide feedback and keep you grounded. As an independent one doesn’t have that solid sounding platform, you do what you think is best for sure, but sometimes you miss the mark you don’t see it from different vantage points. A team like the Liverpool Greens provides so much perspective and balance to the views we put forward, it is truly representative and of that I’m so proud.

To my family…wow…. you put up with so much… reheated dinners and all… and guess what if the good people of Liverpool do elect me and the team… that’s’ not going to change much… but thank you, thank you, thank you… Add to this both Alisha and Lance are candidates in their own right working on their own campaigns as well as supporting me at home. Inga has been amazing in her support from across the strait while Phillip has doorknocked and delivered leaflets, thank you.

Without their input and involvement no candidate can truly make the difference they aspire to. I am truly blessed to work with each and every one of them.

No wrap up would be complete without the final reminder to vote 1 Greens this Saturday, I’ll repost the HTV below and see you all back here Monday … hopefully as your representative. Liverpool is far too important; we need balanced and fair representation, transparency and a fair go for all.  I’m confident electing our candidates will do exactly that. To our colleagues across the state Good luck and thank you all for continued support, guidance and direction…Ben R our Local Government election coordinator and the team thank you all.

If you’ve not yet made up your mind, please acquaint yourself with our team… simply scroll back through here and click on the numerous links to find out more….or here each picture has a message from each of the candidates.

One final thing, on the big ballot paper there is a column without a box, its NOT missing it’s meant to be blank, simply choose your candidates and number above the line in the order of your choice. If you make a mistake you can ask for another ballot paper..simply go back and ask for it.

Now  go and  VOTE 1 Greens this election


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