Ever wondered when – you don’t want to be recognised?

This morning I had an annual check up, no biggie I’m healthy as and raring to go, however when having one of those scheduled tests and not entirely at my ‘campaigning’ best, the lovely attendant said “I know you don’t I?”  After establishing she is very much a local the discussion turned to local papers and how she’d seen me… fabulous… all wired for sound and I’m now in election mode, discussing local issues and her past disappointments.  I love my interactions with the community and seriously this lady was a delight…but you’ll be pleased to know there are  NO  Photographs of this encounter… just my blushed smile and thrilled additional knowledge that she has a daughter who ‘always’  votes Green and is excited we are running here in Liverpool for the first time… Looks like another couple of votes for the Liverpool Greens…. Yay!!!, absolutely everyone counts, if we’re wanting some real change in Liverpool…

 For the first time this Green was a little red…. blushing that is 🙂

Also a big big Thank you to the Austral Progress Association for their kind invite to their monthly meeting last night. Great catching up with some acquaintances and making new …. and hopefully dispelling some myths and misinformation.



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