How to Vote Green this coming Saturday






As promised earlier here are the How to Votes for this coming Saturday’s election. We will be covering as many booths as possible however there will be a few unmanned booths at times across our LGA.

Printing your own HTV and taking it with you will help cut down on waste. We will also encourage all voters to hand them back for reuse. Such a lot of paper being used on one day, so we hope to instil  multiple use  where possible  on all the booths.

Remember the HTV is a guide, you decide where your vote goes and NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT. By listing 1, 2, 3 or more you ensure your vote is used to its full potential.

On Saturday (or at pre Polling) you will be handed two different forms, one (the biggest) is for choosing your councillors… the smaller one is for a popularly elected Mayor.

Please NOTE… the box isn’t missing above the line on one of the columns, that particular group didn’t reach – group box status and you cannot insert a number there above the line or your vote will be wasted,  this is a very confusing matter for some who have not seen it before.

Your vote is valued, your decision important, if you aren’t sure about something call me or if you are at the polling place ask…

If you make a mistake go back to the person who gave you the forms and ask for another. We have some of the highest informal votes in the state and often it’s because people don’t realise they can ask for a new form or help. No one will tell you who to vote for, but understanding the form can be tricky so it’s ok to ask. If you look at the forms above and they don’t make sense call me and I’ll help you …8777 5599.

If you have some time and would like to help out, call me on 87775599, we have booths with your name on them if you can assist 🙂

To print the HTV…click on the picture and a new box will open with just the HTV on it, simply click on your print icon or right click and choose the print option,  you should be fine.



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