That was fun… Tuesday 28/8/12

I began writing this post on Tuesday, Nicole kindly advised that we were in today’s SMH and I would like to now share with you the original post and the link to the article:   Thanks to Nicole Hasham and the SMH for a great look at the Greens and our growth in Western and South Western Sydney:

28/8/12 Esha and I spent a brief but lovely time walking up and down George Street today handing out our campaign leaflets… a big thank you to the many delightful people who accepted them and wished us good luck. The Sydney Morning Herald journalist Nicole Hasham (and her lovely photographer)  is doing a story on the first time Greens have run for Liverpool  council. YAY

We  raised as many of our issues as possible so fingers crossed we inspired some interest,  after all we know how important Liverpool is and what we hope for in our future.

Election day is only 11 days away, the Champion have just advised through FaceBook that they are running an election special…Great opportunity for the community to learn more about the candidates and you know how important I think that is.

1/9/12  As I said this was written on Tuesday, today we spent with the good voters of Liverpool, Pre-polling was available today at the Returning officers (Electoral Commission) office in Liverpool. This is my first recollection of Saturday Pre Poll and I have to say our Locals embraced it with both hands. Speaking with the RO, they expected approx 200 or so voters, knowing I had with me just over 1000 How to votes and that I have less than 200 left means that somewhere around 750-800 people turned out. (estimation only-if I find out exactly I’ll adjust) What an outstanding success and as the well humored residents queued and walked through a barrage of candidates and supporters handing out HTVs managed to keep moving the entire day. Even up to 1.55pm – 5 minutes before closing voters were still arriving. The early birds even allowed me to photograph them as they waited for the doors to open…(pic on Monday ).  A super big thank you for those who elected to return and re-use the HTVs we will be encouraging that next Saturday as well…hmmm that actually adds to the number of voters.

Well done Liverpool and special big thanks to Craig Reedy and John Ky our intrepid and amazing candidates and friends who helped today and in the past week…


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