Mayoral & candidate info from the Champion/Leader and VoteNSW:

As you well know I’m keen, very keen to have you the voter know who you are voting for, to this end below are the links to the Champion & Leader  newspapers (& the Electoral Commission)  so you can read the opinions of the Mayoral  and lead candidates.

A quick aside, thank you to the papers  for printing the entire submission, I half expected snapshots but instead got the whole piece… not everyone gets their copy of the local papers  so I hope these links help.

Me: Signe Westerberg:

Wendy Waller:

June Young:

Ned Mannoun:

Gary Lucas:

Michael Byrne:

the seventh is  Jim McGoldrick however he didn’t answer the call according to the paper.

The Leader also featured the lead candidates from both North and South wards, however the link makes reading the individual comments a bit harder but this link will take you to the Leader as well:

I know I bang on about this, but please take the time to ensure the person you vote for shares your ideals… your hopes and has a vision for our city.

Above all know, NO one gives away your vote, if you only put (1) your vote stops there, if you’d like to  think beyond  your first choice (2)  (3) (4) (5) etc  to ensure your vote carries on where you want it. No one moves your vote; no one redirects your vote…only youdecide where it goes and where it stops. It really is that simple; please don’t be misguided by some uninformed characters that unwittingly or deliberately misinform for political purpose.

How to Votes are a guide, not an instruction nor an indication of where your vote goes. … I cannot stress this enough ONLY YOU DECIDE WHERE YOUR VOTE GOES,  as it should be.

I also wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago about the candidate information sheets, here are the links again for you:

Mayoral Candidates:

North Ward Candidates:

South Ward candidates:

Next week I’ll post our How to Vote…so you can print it and take it with you, or know how it looks if you need the visual… happy weekend.



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