The weekend that was

A busy weekend, started with handing out for “how to votes” for Mehreen Faruqi at Mascot in the Heffron bi-election. Lovely people all wanting what they consider best for the community. Beautiful weather and great company…what more could one ask?

Followed up on Sunday with a delightful visit to St Francis Xavier’s Church hall with the Sydney Alliance community meeting.  2 minutes to outline hopes and aspirations isn’t much, but the 10 candidates in attendance managed quite well. Big thanks to Craig Reedy for his support, sadly had we known all candidates were able to speak we might have registered for him and expanded our vision a little further with a couple of us speaking.  At the end of the presentation the Alliance asked that each candidate commit to ongoing support for 15minutes drop off and pick up zones at medical practices and to commit to continued dialogue over the coming term. I’d already mentioned in my presentation that it is all well and good that candidates knock on your doors now, seeking your vote, but I am delighted to advise that our candidates should you elect us will continue to seek your input throughout our term and that in some form or another we will make monthly goal to seek your comments and suggestions. Knowing I’ve been lobbying for 15min zones over the last 10 years, we had no problems committing to both the commitments as did all but Gary Lucas.

As always it was lovely catching up with the community and chatting after the program, its great meeting up with people generally but even nicer catching up with others we’ve met before.

Pre Polling opens today in Liverpool, if you have a spare couple of hours and would like to hand out HTV’s for us at the electoral office , please let me know… stats show that around 10% of people now elect to vote early to avoid last minute  situations on election day and thereby avoiding the $55 fine for not voting. We’re still seeking support for Election Day also if you can spare us a couple of hours on the 8th please don’t hesitate to give me a call…8777 5599.


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