weekend follow up

What a busy and interesting weekend…  Saturday I was thrilled to be part of the WSPTU symposium. Our Local Group were proudly represented by George and Dianne (& me). We were delighted to listen to Matt from the Bus & Coach group and hear of the changes proposed in coming years. We also had the opportunity to raise issues relevant to our local areas and listen to what is happening elsewhere. I was also delighted to be part of the panel discussion in the afternoon with other council hopefuls and what they saw as the most imp0rtant issues facing areas here is the west and south west… which as we all know are  miles apart from the issues of the inner city and east coast.

Sunday as I’ve mentioned elsewhere  in a previous post was full on and very informative. I pledge that if elected to council we will continue to seek advice from the community, there is nothing like hearing it from the residents affected.

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A BIG thank you to John Ky for knocking on doors with me today. We had the great pleasure of meeting some fabulous people, some disillusioned with the present situation and looking for fresh faces on Liverpool council. Thank you to the residents who too time out to chat with us and especially those who chose to learn more, ask for policy booklets and generally tell us their hopes and wishes for the new council. A beautiful day and and nice people what more can you ask?

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