New One Minute with the Greens Video 

I am very proud and excited to bring you another in our One Minute with the Greens Series.

Some months ago during school holidays our intrepid video genius Tom and I stood on the M5 Bridge filming this latest piece. Sadly the over bearing noise produced by passing trucks rendered it just on impossible to hear. Tom by spending considerable time filtering the noise has produced this latest video.

We think it particularly important, because as any of those poor residents know, they live with the noise 24/7/365.

With your help we’d like to have this particular video make a splash by sharing it with everyone you know. Why, because its time the residents of Casula got NOISE WALLS…over the coming months they will not only have the increased traffic along the M5 with the proposed widening, but the freight line will very soon be active not to mention the Intermodal Rail link presently being investigated.

Time has come, share this far and wide…remember, this was around 6.30am on a School holiday morning…

Sincere thanks to Tom for the hours of work he has put in just to bring us this video…and while your struggling to hear what I’m saying, remember our Casula neighbours get this day in and day out.



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