As promised.

Todays ballot draw results:

Mayoral ballot. Top to bottom.
Liberals Ned Mannoun
DLP Michael Byrne
LCIT June Young
Labor Wendy Waller
Gary Lucas
Greens Signe
Jim McGoldrick

North ward. Left to right.
Labor  ~ DLP ~ Gary Lucas  ~ The Greens ~ Liberal party ~ LCIT~

South Ward L – R
Marella Harris ~ John Anderson ~LCIT~ the Greens ~ Labor ~ Liberal party~ DLP followed by three independents in the last column, top to bottom:
Alex Kulavkovski
Ray Van Lieshout
Jim McGoldrick

There will be more info in coming says and confirmation of my list.
Quite a difference Thursdays, back in 2008, I knew no one, at least with my keeping a keen eye over proceedings in the last 4 years..I at least know the leads of every group, although Alex K seems to be a ‘ new kid on the block’ however time will tell and I may have met him/her before. Will let you know more when I know more


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