What a Great weekend

 It began on Saturday at our campaign meeting, what a great group of candidates we have to offer Liverpool and Fairfield. Listening to their hopes and plans and their willingness to get on with the job is inspiring. A few last minute things on the ‘To Do’ list, however much is in hand now, it’s just a matter of meeting the people at every opportunity.

That said, that’s exactly what we did yesterday, spent the afternoon with Esha and Andre knocking on doors in Casula Links. Some lovely chats with some very nice people. Only two negative people, which happens and sadly one was clearly missing the mark blaming Julia G and Penny W for being godless Greens. (FTR: All Greens aren’t godless, and neither Penny nor Julia are Greens)lol. 

I love discussing politics with people, I don’t even mind if we disagree, but basics like that aren’t hard to find out about. None the less, looking forward to walking your street sometime soon! If you are interested in policy, which I hope you are, ask the candidate knocking on your door for a booklet, ask questions and find out about us.  Not just our candidates but all of the people wanting your vote. Refer my previous post for a link to the candidate information forms on the Electoral Commission website, find out as much as you can about the candidates, all our information is there for you.

Lastly, if you live in Liverpool (or Fairfield) and wouldn’t mind one of our Greens Corflutes on your fence, please give me a call. We are extremely keen that they are only on properties with approval and that you understand our need to not contravene Council’s NO SIGNAGE ON PUBLIC LAND policy, brought in after the last election. If you have some time for letterboxing, handing out How to Votes at Pre polling stations or would like to work with us on election day, please call me on 8777 5599 asap so we can take advantage of your kind assistance.


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