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At the two candidate information sessions I attended this year and those I’ve attended in the past, the Returning officer explained many of the forms. Of particular interest to me was his advice that the candidate information sheet would be a public form and the only way a candidate can officially share their personal hopes and aspirations about their candidacy. To me this was a very important opportunity for me and my fellow Greens to highlight what they hoped for should they earn your vote.

The links below take you directly to the Electoral Commissions website for Liverpool Candidates. When completing ours I reminded my team that the effort they put into these forms and the information enclosed would be a true sign to the community of their intention and commitment. You will note we have been upfront and honest in completing those forms and suggest getting to know us and our commitment better please take some time and read through them. Of course this isn’t a Greens website and you’ll be able to read and appreciate the effort put forward from all candidates who are seeking your vote…. so please take the time to get to know us and the other candidates, after all as we often say, an well informed resident makes a happy voter.

Please note the Liverpool Campaign is being conducted by the Electoral Commission, this is the Candidate lnformation provided on their website. Happy reading

Mayors Info

North Ward Info:

South Ward info:

Feel free to comment here and let me know what you think… other than candidate information evenings, leaflets and what the papers decide to print is pretty much all the information you get… also the press releases we’ve sent to the papers are all here for your perusal, we have not to date had much coverage but I’m sure as the election begs closer that will change.


2 Responses to Candidate information

  1. Belinda says:

    Self promotion – Given that that information was OPTIONAL

    • Signe says:

      Hi Belinda, thanks for dropping by…the candidate information sessions I attended, this year, two, both suggested that the candidate information sheet was the candidate’s opportunity to speak with the community, to share their vision, their hopes even their plans. The one piece of information available to all and on display to anyone interested enough to learn about their candidates. It also is indicative of the effort likely put forth by the candidate, lets face it if they can’t be bothered even the most basic information how is the resident able to ascertain their commitment. I will add however, that some councils had issues with the forms they were using, not those it seems the Electoral Commission were running, however some were caught short in that the forms they had prepared were deemed wrong and had to be redone at the last minute.. I believe that was the case for Penrith, it was however not the case in Liverpool. Candidates had sufficient time to share their hopes, aspirations and vision for the future of this great city.

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