Positions as promised

Yesterday was the ballot drawer for the upcoming elections.

Mayoral Ballot… from top to bottom.

Ned Mannoun (Liberal)

Michael Byrne (DLP)

June Young (LCIT)

Wendy Waller (Labor)

Gary Lucas

Signe Westerberg (Greens)

Jim McGoldrick

North Ward: Left to Right across the page.  Noting the DLP will not have an above the line Box.

Labor ~ DLP ~ Gary Lucas ~ The Greens ~ Liberal ~ LCIT (there are no single candidates just 6 columns)

South Ward Again L – R  across the page and DLP are unboxed

Marella Harris~ John Anderson~ LCIT ~ The Greens ~ Labor ~ Liberal ~ DLP

Ungrouped Candidates in a single column at the end are: top – bottom

Alex Kulavkovski ~Ray Van Lieshout ~ Jim McGoldrick. 

What a coincidence that on both North and South tickets we are right in the middle of the page at No 4… quite happy there actually 🙂

A very different experience for me this time, 4 years ago I didn’t know a living soul in the room, this time while I may not know the entire team I do know the almost all the lead candidates. 

For some the campaigning begins.

The Champion Editor, Journalist and photographer  were in attendance as was the GM and Billie, the staff member who is coordinating councils  involvement in this election.

In fairness some people arrived after I did, so other than I didn’t see Gary Lucas, or anyone from the LCIT team, I cannot say whether or not the Leader sent anyone… I guess what is in the papers next week will probably tell us more.

FTR: Wendy Waller, Ned Mannoun, Marella Harris, Michael Byrne, Mazar Hadid, John Anderson Tony Hadchiti, Jimmy Mtashar (Labor) Kate the campaign manager for the Libs, and a few others were in attendance. My apols to any candidates not mentioned I simply didn’t see all the late comers and early leavers.

Exciting times ahead, please be welcoming of my team members when they knock on your door, they are a great bunch and bring a wealth of knowledge and passion with them and we will continue to be out meeting you  over the coming weeks.

Please share the link to our video with friends and family, we truly believe an informed community will make the best choices. Learn about all the candidates, see what they bring to council, are they just wanting to ‘fix’ one or two issues that affect them, have they been involved before?  Ask lots questions of all the candidates, we need people who are willing to see us as a whole community, who are willing to invest the time and represent all of us. I know when selecting our team, we were quite vigorous in ensuring our team was prepared for what was ahead of them if entrusted with your vote; we will not let you down.


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