29.7.12 National Tree Day

What a glorious morning, numbers were down from the past however approx.. 50 locals gathered to plant many, many shrubs and trees in the lovely Helles Park. While not sure why the numbers were down it was nice to see Cllrs, Lucas, Hadid, Hadchiti and Mannoun in attendance, some even did some planting.

An ideal location right on the Georges River, the ever fabulous Lions club catering,  the River Keeper, the emergency services team, the ever helpful and diligent council staff and perhaps my fav from the local fauna man and his gorgeous creatures. This Beautiful lace monitor is celebrating her 12th birthday as she hatched on the day of the opening of the Sydney Olympics… seriously exciting to hold one, they aren’t known for their sweet nature but she is hand raised and about 5 kgs.

These truly fabulous family events are well worth the time and effort. I love spending time with my young grandson who enjoys planting a few trees and then monitoring their growth over ensuing years.

Liverpool Council holds a number of community based events throughout the year and I encourage you to become part of these and as a side benefit get to know our fabulous Liverpool from another perspective. The lovely lady from Sita made sure we had some potting mix to plant some of the saplings and plants residents were encouraged to take home, I grabbed an edible violet plant and was fascinated by the ‘chocolate’ Lilly… I’ll let you know how they grow.


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