Refugees, National Tree day, Council meetings and more

Today as with all Wednesdays I read the local papers… to say I’m disgusted would be an understatement… today in both papers I read a tirade by Councillor Gary Lucas against two sitting members of Parliament… that however is not what is disgusted me, although thoroughly inappropriate they are big boys and can defend themselves… what disgusted me was his comments regarding refugees. This unpleasant man uses the least able to defend themselves as fodder for his statements forgetting clearly that many of these people seek refuge right here in Liverpool.  That our country is built on the backs of migrants not all of whom arrived here on planes and not all bringing all the appropriate documents, some even came as criminals if I recall our history…right back to  the first ‘refugees’ seeking a new start in the 1770’s & 80’s.


Click on this link to read his letter to the editor and feel free to comment if you’re as disgusted as I am, it makes no mention that the opinions expressed here are his own thereby implicating other councillors are of similar opinion.


My comment in the Champion… “While taking politically timely pot shots Cllr I wonder, if you would clarify, will you be referring to your constituents who are refugees in Liverpool as “illegal queue jumpers”? Did you forget that Liverpool is one of 73 Refugee Welcome Centres in Australia (Refugee Council of Australia)? Did you also forget that only 23% of people speak English at home in Liverpool, some of whom no doubt arrived by boat seeking asylum? Will you be addressing them directly as illegal queue jumpers? Finally are you speaking for all councillors as I note no disclaimer? –Once again poor form councillor”


Council Meeting: Following what was described as a farcical council meeting on Monday night, with behaviour unbecoming, little wonder few residents consider attending regularly. Some Council staff turned out with their Union rep to ensure council took the appropriate steps in their dispute and a number of others supporting different speakers.


I,  to spoke of my concern that across our LGA we have no idea of the number of Coal Seam Gas wells are being drilled by Dart Energy, that within 20klm of our council area, over 30 active wells and about the same exploratory wells are being installed. The long term effects are unknown and the risk to great. Something I did manage to get across to councillors I hope,  once Cllr Hadchiti’s interruptions were found groundless…sadly I wonder if this councillor has a personal vendetta against me, last time I spoke he interrupted me no less than 4 times. Perhaps he just has issues with residents speaking. However I do hope they choose to support other councils in seeking a moratorium to prevent more drilling until the dangerous side effects are known…those interested in furthering their knowledge on this matter can seek out the movie GASLANDS out of the US and check out the ABC website much to much unknown for our council not to join those already seeking a moratorium in my opinion.


On Saturday Esha Narayan and I will join other prospective councillors on a bus tour of the LGA visiting shopping centres and various locations in the hope of furthering our knowledge of you and your expectations from your council… I invite you to come up and say hi if you see us.


Most especially Council’s National Tree day is this Sunday, this year at Helles Park at Moorebank, I invite you to join me, my grandson and others as we work together to improve  the environment of this much used park. 9am-12, wearing closed in shoes, a hat, bring water and sunscreen and join me at my 5th  (perhaps 6th) National Tree day,  make it a family day out, we do and cherish the joy my grandson gets watching ‘his’ trees grow.


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