Even the Greens

I think this may just become our catch-cry after last night’s candidate event; ‘we can work with anyone….even the Greens’, one councillor after another espoused. And that my friends was perhaps the most positive inclusion of the night.

Last night Esha, Craig and I represented the Green Candidates at the Candidate forum held again at Sporties at Moorebank. A big thank you to Ian Bailey and the Moorebank Sports club for organising and hosting the event…there are two more.. on the 28th July a bus trip around Liverpool meeting residents across the LGA and another candidate forum at West Hoxton on the 22nd August. One of the things that frustrates me most about candidate forums is those on the way out spend a good deal of their time knocking all and sundry while many of those hopefuls make rash statements all with good intention but from a knowledge base less than perfect. I’ve been there I recognise those traits and having now spent the better part of 5 years learning the processes and talking with the public I do see the difference. Don’t get me wrong, I believe all the people standing as councillors do so with the best intentions but simply attending the odd council meeting will leave them wanting.

The good news is that if those same councillors are as keen as they suggest they (we) will quickly I’m sure learn the necessary steps to contribute and enhance councils across the state, not only here in Liverpool.

One thing that saddened me most was, as with the past council election, for some its more about beating Labor than representing the community… living in the past and failing to think beyond what was. I am delighted that any Green candidate elected to council will bring a wealth of positive thinking and a vision for  our future that includes everyone of our community, be they rate payer or not.

Don’t forget tomorrow night 6.30pm at the Hilda M Davis Hall on the Cnr Bigge St & Warren service way that the Fairfield Liverpool Greens are hosting a Workers Comp info night with MLC David Shoebridge… all welcome!


2 Responses to Even the Greens

  1. Ursula says:

    Sensible planning and collaboration is always less “sexy” than bashing the opposition or making empty promises. “Even the Greens” know that! 😉

    • Signe says:

      Hi Ursula, its catchy isn’t it…even the Greens…it’s like we’re some kind of after thought, however as you well know this city is worth real attention and real planning and for me is no afterthought. Thanks for dropping by…

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