update from the candidates forum on Monday

I am delighted to say some of our Green team came along to support us on Monday night as Esha Narayan and I gave our first community presentations for the upcoming election. Esha spoke so well and I truly believe was accepted well amongst the 50 or so attendees, albeit the majority were already aligned with other parties those few there who weren’t seemed suitably delighted. Only 8 of the candidates we will hear from in the coming weeks attended, we know of some who went to Q & A at CPAC and some who were unavailable… but it was pretty much the same old same old comments from our sitting councillors.

Let me explain, at the last council election I was dismayed when I realised that for the Liberals and supposed  independents were working against Labor not for Liverpool. In recent articles Cllr Lucas clearly said he was ‘unaligned’ but didn’t work with Labor..Oxymoron much!… and Monday night was more of the same. Cllr’s Lucas, Harle and Hadchiti spoke and a good deal of the time was spent knocking the Labor party. I don’t care much for this type of campaigning, the vote for me because I’m not them stuff  and I care little for who they like or don’t, what I didn’t hear was what they could do to work together to achieve things for Liverpool. There is too much division in our council, our present councillors appear to make no attempt to work together and I seriously don’t see our councillors as a functioning group of people working towards better outcomes for Liverpool. You may be okay with this, but it’s not what Esha and I envisage for our new council, we really want a group who will work together and I believe there needs to be some serious change for this to happen.

On the Liberal Independents, Ms Rowe clearly stated that as a group they don’t caucus, their views are their own, and that’s fine, their choice, however Cllr Harle described in detail his interactions in the briefing sessions with his Liberal associates and while he may not share views with his own party they clearly reach outcomes in briefings that should be left for open council meetings. I’m sorry Cllr Harle, call it caucus call it what you like, but sitting behind closed doors discussing matters of importance to the community is not what I want my councillors to do either. Bring that and all discussions into council where the community you purport to represent can hear the information also. I get the idea that council staff can brief councillors on issues beyond their limited abilities but don’t make decisions behind closed doors on matters of importance to the community.

For the record, the Greens, should you choose to elect us will at all times do what we can to ensure discussions are open to public scrutiny, we will fight against ‘in confidence’ decision making where ever possible, we will observe the confidences of individuals but believe corporations need to be open and accountable and will strive to make it so.

Lastly we Greens send media releases to our local newspapers from time to time, rarely do we get coverage however in light of said elections I will now be posting the m here on my media link page….enjoy!


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