Green and the image it invokes,

I have the great pleasure of doing quite a bit of reading from all over this wide country and the world as a matter of fact and it constantly amazes me how one little word can conjure up all manner of feelings:

  • FTR: I am a Greens Member… simply put I am a member of a political party called the Greens who along with numerous other platforms happens to care deeply for our people and the environment.
  • An ordinary everyday Australian Greenie: The average person who cares deeply about people, the environment and the future of the planet.
  • Greenie: to a member of said political party just a short form of the above.

I asked around my office workers and elsewhere for their thoughts and these are some of the answers I got with a little description, some mine, some theirs …can you add more?

  • Green: Forward thinking environmentalist
  • Greenie: Stuck in the mud single issue party
  • Green energy: futuristic energy force… oooh solar, wave  and wind turbines – scary
  • Greenie: to a denialist a negative such as … a weird, gumboot wearing, dreadlocked aging Hippie wannabe stop everything person.
  • Opposition Greenie: someone who opposes everything ‘good’ about a capitalist society
  • Greenie:  To a Liberal (Tore ) = Roadblock
  • Greenie: wannabe Labor member
  • Green: the Colour of the trees and representative of nature as a whole.
  • Greenie: Left winged socialist
  • Well educated, latte sipping inner city-ite.
  • Greenie: Left wing Nazi (this one blows me away as it is so incorrect)
  • Greenie:  Anti Business… person/group
  • Green: Progressive German Political Group
  • Green Movement: international progressive collection of parties
  • Liberal Greenie: one who wants the environmental benefits with none of the negatives attached.
  • Labor Greenie: pretty much as above.
  • Hidden Greenie: someone who secretly shares Green environmental concerns but keeps them to themselves in fear of labelling.
  • The Surprised Greenie: one of my clients said he was a little embarrassed that until he started his new job, was kind of in the Greenie, one issue political party group basket, then as part of his job he read a little, listened a little and is now amazed at the depth the policy and involvement our Party has in the state & federal sphere of government and the range of interest gathered under the Green banner.
  • Un-greenie.. Not at all political, not at all interested in politics and when asked what green means to them the answer was: grass.

How about you, are you a Liberal Greenie, an opposition greenie, an un-greenie… what does the word conjure up for you, is it a negative or a positive? …I am genuinely interested and look forward to your input. Also how do you feel about being labelled, if you are Liberal or Labor would you happily wear the label red or blue…does it matter? In our case however the colour is the group name and how it evolved is an interesting story should you be interested.

Ps: what is listed in Green (the colour) is pretty much how I would describe myself and my associates.


2 Responses to Green and the image it invokes,

  1. Miglo says:

    Great post, Signe. Good stuff.

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