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I seem to have lots of visitors to my pages this week, thank you and welcome. I feel like I’m letting you down a little though, I’ve not updated my page for a few days now and mostly because I do like to write positive things about our council… our city and our people and to this end I’m a little un-thrilled at some of what I’ve been reading.

Firstly a positive: I was delighted to see the new Your Liverpool Magazine come out yesterday and equally thrilled to see my Greens Colleague Esha Narayan and I on the candidates page and the upcoming candidates forum being organised again this year (as in 2008) by Ian Bailey –inside back cover. Cllr Lucas has gone all out to have a page stating how he’s saved us all by his lonesome and done so as an independent, he doesn’t however mention his staunch support of  the Liberals throughout the years nor his former life on council was as a  Liberal, and the Mayor telling how she’s been protecting us. These I guess will be the norm leading up to the election, those who take credit for everything and those who take credit for nothing…sadly that is how this present council has operated, they’ve not worked together, and they certainly haven’t left their politics out of anything for the betterment of our city. They have been for the most part a council divided and at loggerheads. My hope is that bringing new faces, hopefully including mine & Esha’s, will be a big step forward to getting our councillors to work together for us, rather than the bickering, nastiness and outright rank behaviour I’ve witnessed over the last 3yrs & 9 months., You’ll see all manner of announcements over the coming weeks, many decrying the past and few blaming all and sundry for failures, all I can ask is please take the time to know your candidates, check out their credentials and what they truly stand for. If you have the time and are interested, I’ve been posting consistently through the entire time, have a browse, make up your own mind.

One of the things that threw me considerably this week was reading in the local Fairfield papers that the Fairfield Council is reducing rates, has no debt and is planning on spending 32Million on infrastructure in the next 12months. Lets be clear, firstly what you will hear from our Liberals and Independents is that Fairfield didn’t have an OASIS, and this is true, they also don’t have flood levy’s, environmental levy’s and heaven knows what else but no debt, when our council is presently looking at increasing our debt. Is it perhaps that their governance is better, are their councillors working together better (not from some press I’ve seen) so what is it, Fairfield rates are expected to be around the $712/annum while ours are edging ever closer to $1200 and more. Drive around Fairfield and they have similar levels of dumping, parks, etc why is it we can’t do better for our residents? Get past that and they are freeing up parking costs in their major parking stations, allowing 2 hrs free (many of you know I’ve been attempting to have the free component re-installed in our council car-parks, so far without luck but I am pesistent). Personally I don’t mind paying a few extra dollars to look after our environment and prevent major flooding, but why the $500 odd dollar difference in basic rates, plus Cllr Lucas has made it very clear he will be endorsing the repeat of the 9% rate variance that is due to finish in 2014 for an additional  5years.

Our city is growing, our city has great people from all over the place, we deserve a fair go. Going a little further afield today and Gosford Council is saving 1million litres of water per year by installing thirty dual flush toilets and a condensation re-use tank were put in at the council administration building in Mann St, Gosford, (read more here:

and moving towards a greener cleaner city, crikey, between Cllr Harle & Cllr Lucas, we struggle to move towards better environmental lighting improvements even though I know many of our council staff are working hard to establish greener council credentials not only to take advantage of funding and generally improving our green footprint but that isn’t easy when you have to accommodate climate skeptics and the like. Don’t get me wrong, while I personally believe we need to take steps to improve our impact on the planet and others don’t, I cannot fathom for the life of me, why regardless of the reason, those same people simply decide to deny rather than do what is basically right and reasonable regardless of what you call it.

 Any how… there’s much to read in the press if you search hard enough some of it is quite interesting, I also read in a Victorian piece recently that there in Geelong, another company has built new wind (mills) for harnessing the wind, they are quieter, produce more energy and are Aussie Built.. I suppose it’s a matter of reading far and wide and absorbing the good news and repelling the bad… Fortunately I love my city and its people and am keenly awaiting the time when our council can work together and achieve some great things; I believe it is possible we just need a few changes…let’s hope September brings them.. in the mean time, thanks for dropping by and if you’d like to leave a comment, please do, I share my opinion and more than happy to post yours…my policy:  love it,  hate it,  as long as it’s not hurtful, profane or blatant lies I’ll post it.

Have a lovely long weekend…


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