A great big thankyou

I had the great pleasure last night of attending the inaugural “thank the volunteers event”  (Gift of Time) at the Liverpool Catholic Club with approx 300 representatives of the many (sadly not all) groups who give so freely of their time to assist and work with others.

Great entertainment, dancing and fine food may not be the reasons people volunteer but it was certainly nice to recognise the tireless efforts of these amazing people.  Mayor Waller, Cllr Stanley and Cllr Harle were in attendance, with the Mayor awarding each of the groups a framed certificate and copies for the members, with some of the attendees not only ‘tripping the light fantastic’ but walking away with some lovely prizes as well.

This morning I had the pleasure of greeting approximately 400 travellers as they set off to work at 6.30am at Warwick Farm rail station, with each of them taking a copy of the latest ‘GreenVoice’ to read on the train. Thank you to all those smiley faces and kind comments.

Big thank you to Esha Narayan for assisting me make sure our mag was in good hands.

Lastly a quick re read of the draft docs on exhibition today as I prepare my short submission for today’s cut off.  Please take the time to communicate your hopes and aspirations for the coming 12mths on the Pricing Policy, Delivery & Operational docs. There are some increases in hall charges and you may have some issues you think are more pressing than those listed to delivery this year.

the quality of these is not great but you can see a good time  was had by all.

My Bad: I inadvertently forgot to thank the amazing staff of council who made sure everything went according to plan and without any (visible) hitches, as always their efforts go towards the success or failure of any event and again this time THEY DID GOOD


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