A fitting and appropriate event

It’s almost a week since the opening of Phil Tolhurst Park… a string quartet, catered knibblies and a fitting and appropriate speech from Mayor Waller. Phil’s family were in attendance as was his new Grandson Jack Phillip.

It was lovely to see so many of  his friends and colleagues both past and present  in attendance and the noted absences were appreciated.

I managed a few photo’s and as soon as I ‘find’ them in my PC I will post them, (sorry new camera, new system and they’re in there somewhere) how’s that, I finally remembered to take a camera and actually took some pics. Perhaps I should have stuck with the phone LOL. As Promised Phil Tolhurst Park Pics

Don’t forget the draft operational plan and draft budget are on exhibition at the moment; submissions are due by COB Wednesday 30th. This is your opportunity to comment on how the council(lors) get to spend your rate money and what on.

Also Monday 7pm is the scheduled council meeting, I don’t get to see the minutes until after noon today and suggest you have a look on line if you’d like to see what is planned and whether or not you would like to address the councillors on a particular topic.

Also Sorry day tomorrow at the Regional Museum, sadly I have another meeting and wont’ be there but hope we get a good turnout for this important part of our calendar year.


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