Does Money buy your Vote?

Firstly let me clarify, I’m not suggesting anyone has or will be actually paid to vote. What I am suggesting or better still asking is; does the flash and fancy of politicians sway you?

 One local organisation is investing considerably in a pre-emptive ‘who do you vote for to get Liverpool out of debt’ marketing/poll. For the record, government debt is a complex issue, and last year we invested so much in real estate.  We do have an infrastructure backlog, which is huge, but so much like every council in Greater Sydney.  And arguably this is a national issue. There are a number of governments in NSW who have preferred and do prefer to spend money on everything else but upkeep. But looking at the complex issue of council debt and spending is not really the purpose of this post.

 A number of our local residents have received automated calls asking if they would vote for Liberal, Labor, Independent or other (“other” I assume means Greens, I guess that’s a topic for another post).

 I had a chuckle really, if asked who is responsible for council debt, since Greens have never been on Liverpool council, any financial failings fall quite directly on to the Labor and Liberal (& independent) dominated councils of the past. Perhaps it’s time to enlist the expertise of the NSW Greens, after all they are the only registered party who doesn’t accepted corporate donations and has strong policy regarding sustainably economy and infrastructure.

 But my question is a) who is paying for this polling; and, b) will the fact they call and ask sway you? Will fancy flyers and huge amounts of local advertising sway you to one group or another?

Personally I’d prefer not to weigh in on the waste. We Greens, locally keep our corflutes (picture boards) to a minimum, flyers that the majority of people throw away to an absolute minimum and at the last election actually produced ‘How to votes’  on boards at some schools so as to not waste paper at all. I prefer to walk, having visited almost every house in the local council area last election on foot. For me, the financial responsibility and environmental responsibility of many parties is never best examined than in their election campaigns.

 These automated calls, whilst irritating, are also telling of a major party that doesn’t really want your ideas. They are not asking you if you have read the budget currently on public exhibition by council, they are not asking you what you would do, what programs you would like to see to address infrastructure and sound management of Liverpool’s finances. They want  to know if you associate one party with good economics primarily. It’s a dummy play designed to get your attention, simplify issues and save the major parties being properly examined for being responsible for many of the financial issues Liverpool currently has.

 Are you convinced? Is the appearance of election funds instil in you a sense that here is a financially able candidate? Does fancy advertising sway you?

 In a day and age where people can’t pay their electricity bills, and others are living on the streets do you feel this is an appropriate way to get elected?

 So now it’s your turn.

What are you looking for in a candidate?

What sorts of things irritate you during election campaigns?

Does the bellowing mouth piece of call you at home during dinner truisms, one liners and subtle word association games invigorate your sense of political participation? Or does it make you wish they would just go away?

Do you think there are more important things we should be talking about as we prepare to elect a new council, things beyond 1980’s economic word association games and one liners?


2 Responses to Does Money buy your Vote?

  1. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe , I got one of those calls, automated subliminal indoctrination is the game here, if you’re not a wake up to it. Just shows the contempt these so called experts have for the general public. WALLER and MANOUN featured as the only mayoral names mentioned.
    After some research, even the “independents” aren’t independent with their own registered Liverpool independents party. The only real independent not beholding to any party I know of is Jim McGoldrick, now that he ditched his Labor membership some time ago. I cannot fathom why there should be any political affiliation by councillors, whether it’s Labor Liberal, Greens or Independents.
    Having said that, come election time the majority of people wouldn’t know who’
    they’re voting for and only make up their mind on the day at the polling booth. It’s more of a talent quest then a treasured right to select someone to represent your views on Council. Apathy I’m afraid is high on the agenda.

    • Signe says:

      Hi Ray,

      So my recount of the event was correct…good… I’ve had a couple confirm that now. Clearly only the best financed parties would show such contempt for the community to produce such a (directed) community survey. Sadly you are correct, our independents really aren’t, all have shown a strong bias, that I quite frankly don’t object to IF stated so at the outset. It was a real sadness to me in that when I ran as an Independent I actually was, I had no affiliations to any party what so ever and mistakenly believed that of the others (lesson learned).
      The interesting thing though is that Liverpudlians on mass vote for parties, so representing a party you have strong and sincere aligning beliefs with is a good thing. Mr Byrne clearly has come to that conclusion and seems to have found his niche party. Using the said party just as a vehicle to achieve political goals, not so and we know who they are don’t we?

      Whilst I agree to a point that Mr McGoldrick may present as an independent, he now has strong anti local Labor feelings and that will taint his views as well as we’ve witnessed since the split.

      Once elected, having taken your political alliance to the public, the label should be left at the door… once a councillor is elected they have to leave the party politics behind, not the beliefs, as that too is what people vote for, but they MUST represent the people of Liverpool first and foremost. Just a note if our present lot had, we would have had a better oiled working machine instead of the divided, bickering and outright nastiness we’ve witnessed over the past 3 + years.

      I don’t necessarily believe that all people make their decision on voting day; I do encourage everyone to learn about the candidates well before voting for them. Research their activity, ask questions, after all our council is the second/third largest business in Liverpool, it employs hundreds of people and is responsible for the daily support of over 185,000 others. Having dedicated and capable people on the ‘board’ is essential.
      Thanks for the comment… call again!

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