1.5.12 We are being played

Sometimes, like everyone, I feel greatly disheartened by our representatives in Council. Really, is this the level of contempt we can expect from here until the election?

Item one on last night’s agenda was a Notice of Motion from Councillor Anne Stanley, though it appeared to being ‘electioneering’. Very quickly it descended in to utter chaos. The first Notice of Motion from Councillor Stanley received no support outside Labor. This was described as an election stunt by other councillors. Councillor (correction) Hadid supported by Mannoun then put forward another motion to cancel the parking strategy all together.  In one fell swoop the councillors threw away $1.7million dollars in infrastructure and countless man hours and scrapped everything. The only three councillors against were the Liberal/Independent trinity of Lucas, Harle and Napolitano. A third option was put together which was a little bit of this and a little bit of that, as they argued and grandstanded.  Lucas, Harle and Napolitano immediately began calling other councillors all idiots and called for a rescission motion. The next hour was spent skimming over the rest of the agenda (appalling in so many ways as things were inadequately addressed) while (someone) found out if we could address the rescission motion at the same meeting. Chaos. During a break Councillors Stanley, Napolitano, Waller, and others rescued portions of the parking strategy with a new motion, agreed upon before coming back into session. A do over of sorts!

This is appalling. And the gallery last night was shocked, some livid, angry and outraged. It may not seem so in print as I describe it here, but the issues of the parking strategy have been in planning for a long time. They have been addressed by the CBD committee in consultation with community, large amounts of money have been spent to get this strategy off the ground. It had already been ratified and was being brought back to council for the election agenda of a councillor.

 Councillors (some) were present at the CDB committee when this was discussed. They continue to act in ridiculous ways in council meetings without any consideration for the work done in order to draft plans and strategies, with no consideration for those involved in these things. And they behave this way because they want to make a political point against the other side of the bi-partisan coin for the sake of it. There is nothing in the councillors’ behaviour last night that would lead me to assume they care a jolt about any of that. $1.7 million is the infrastructure cost so far of the parking strategy. For a moment, all I could do was thank god they didn’t have to deal with the federal budget.

 There is a complete lack of respect for the community and the staff and a display of blatant one-upmanship I’ve never seen from this appalling excuse for a council. The saviours in this instance are the Liberal/Independents who last night were lucid enough to prevent $1.7million dollars spent on a strategy blown on a whim. But let us not forget that it was their contribution that began the decent into chaos in the first place. So the initial sacrifice allowed them to come up trumps later. Nice. Especially for those invested watching from the gallery.

Michael Byrne took the opportunity in the speakers forum last night to announce his candidacy for Liverpool once again. I’m not surprised, he is sort of like a ghost that only haunts the place around election time, I can’t for the life of me recall having seen him since the last election! Thankfully, he speaks highly of himself as a local saviour so we can all be confident. (Removes tongue from cheek…)

After last night some council  staff are clearly gutted. The community who watched from the gallery  are in shock. People are scratching their heads wondering what else this moronic lot could possibly do given half a chance. Let’s not give them one. We deserve better representation than the debacle this council has been since they were first elected.


3 Responses to 1.5.12 We are being played

  1. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe, last Monday’s meeting was confusing, to say the least, I did not stay to see the end result to the parking meter debacle. I could not believe that all that money was to be flushed. Thank heavens something was saved in the end. Councillors are meant to be the back stop to responsible spending!!
    I had the “pleasure” of M. Byrne’s company for a bit, Don’t want that “pleasure” ever again. The electioneering/sneering has truly begun!

    • Signe says:

      Yes Ray, I think dissapointed was real in the room on Monday, for much of the same reasons you mention. I’m not sure what was saved is fair… we have had 3 years of debate on this parking matter and to have it used for political purposes annoys me no end, especially as I’ve offered an alternative on numerous occasions prior to implimentation only to be talked down or ignored, some of which I’ve discussed with you previously.

      Yes also to what we think we get and actually get in the way of representation is a matter that should be of concern to all especially as said election looms.

      And Mr Byrne… well you can always be assured there is an election looming when his presence is being felt. He rushes to save us at election time and is barely seen at other times… a true super hero…LOL

  2. Signe says:

    Last night at a community forum Cllr Lucas berated me for not printing his supposed request for a retraction…- the most important thing here is I never received his comment, I publish all but advertising, so if at ANY Time you send through a comment and you don’t see it posted pls email me directly on swesterberg@lso.com.au.
    My Policy is, like it, loathe it, I print it.

    For the record though councillor if you can call each other idiots as happened I feel quite justified in describing the situation as I saw it, moronic.

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