ANZAC day 25.4.2012

I have been contributing and reading through stories on a website Cafe Whispers about ANZAC Day, it has had me remember my dad , he was a Swede who fought for the US marines before coming here and meeting my mother. Once here he never left the country again, but ANZAC day was his, actually three days, he would leave the night before and not return for three days, we never really knew what he got up to, but he marched with the overseas groups and met up with old friends. I remember seeing him in the march once but his silence about the war was at times deafening. He had a bayonet wound on his hip which is all we knew about his service. It was a simple long weekend of don’t ask don’t tell, we respected his time with his buddies…and were convinced considerable drinking was done.

On this blog we also discussed the majesty of the Australian war memorial, my husband’s family had 4 sons, all of whom came here from England well prior to WWI, we never knew what happened to them as only one family line could ever be traced… spending considerable time at the Memorial reading the names, we found the three of them, all died in service of our country, one with the Canadians, another the English all proudly Australians conscripted to allied forces.  

I stood proudly yesterday in what was one of the largest crowds I’ve ever seen in Liverpool for ANZAC day, the young, the old, the returned and those left behind and as proud of being Australian as I have ever been. May our present day soldiers know how much we value them and appreciate what they do so honourably for us at home, may we never forget the price paid on our behalf?

God Bless them all, their silence and their stories, the families who never saw them again and the ones who returned broken and damaged. While I don’t believe wars are the way to go I would never ever devalue their service, their commitment and their sacrifice.

Lest we forget

ps… the photo’s aren’t clear, they were taken amidst the crowd pre dawn, you can see how many people were in attendance and as the sun rose and as the crowd dispersed.


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