Bye Bob, welcome Christine

The press has been aghast with Green coloured news since Senator Bob Brown and Leader of the Australian Green announced his resignation from both positions last Friday. The 67 year old has called the leadership job done and in my opinion one done well. He has however, not resigned from the Greens he is planning to continue in his role of advocating for the people and the planet,  simply just not as Leader of the Party. And will no doubt continue to support and inspire the Greens in all places of the world. To those pundits who say we are all over, done and dusted? Not. Even. Close.The Greens are a strong, viable and exemplary party of thousands, we are a party that will continue to grow and change as the needs of locals, states, and the nation require. As a society we are not generally welcoming of change but for things to grow change is necessary. Bob Brown’s contribution to the Greens movement internationally, is outstanding, as will be his future contributions. But under his leadership the  Australian Greens have harboured a wellspring of talent and commitment that is ready to represent our country and its people both in our local, state and federal governments, and as we’ve seen from the new leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Christine Milne, in international forums as well. 

I sat in a room last night with a dozen or so local Greens members; we discussed numerous topics and not once was concern for the direction/demise of the party mentioned. No one in fact brought up the topic of Bob Brown at all. Two and half hours of political debate, constructive discussion concerning local council area needs, policy direction and NOT ONE MENTION of the doom and demise of the party was even hinted at. Bob Brown, and Christine Milne both have contributed to a forward thinking, progressive party that rests on a wide platform of grass roots support, concerned, committed Australians, and we’re ready to get on with it, and we have already.

Also, I attended the Tuesday forum. As I mentioned last week the chairperson tried a new discussion procedure. There was some reluctance to dive in, on the part of participants, however the discussions did finally flow. The future directions of Liverpool were discussed and the differences between city and country priorities were highlighted. Which is a good thing, our city is diverse, we stretch from river to river, across the metropolitan city and urban sprawl to rural farming land and everything in between.  And the perspectives differ quite a bit forum to forum, but the goal expressed by participants was similar. I am inspired by the people who attend both forums, each bring ideas, passion and a wealth of knowledge. I hope we get to see the report back to council when the community input is collated and compiled.




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