Greens Senator lives on $17 a day

Starting on Saturday, Senator Rachel Siewert will live on only $17 a day, the same as if she was getting unemployment benefits.

We all know people who are struggling, however the newstart system presently in place guarantees those looking for work a less than poor start. With high rents, electricity and food costs the average unemployed person has to choose whether to eat, keep warm or buy underwear let alone purchase any medicines they may require. Right here in Liverpool, there are some who are forced to  live on the streets in order to bare some of those other costs.

I am personally horrified that in this our lucky country we allow this to happen. I am equally horrified that this is only the tip of an iceberg when we consider our elderly and lesserabled…. we need to wake up and take care of our own, help them get work and in the meantime help them live with dignity.

Congrats Rachel on your initiative… 


2 Responses to Greens Senator lives on $17 a day

  1. Ray Van says:

    How about the Greens challenge ALL the pollies to give this a go and come back to earth with a thud!! On that kind of money they couldn’t even get to Canberra for sitting days!!

    • Signe says:

      Hi Ray, I think Rachel tried and didn’t get any takers… she is doing a day by day blog on it and is struggling… we really need to do something on this front as a nation. AND this doesnt’ even come close to addressing the issues of isolation and disenfranchisement being hold up in your four walls brings on those unable to get out and mingle with the rest of the world. The additional issues beyond the obvious are immense. thanks for the comment…who knows, maybe the pollies with control may loosen the belt for ours in need

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