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I took some time out on Saturday morning to attend the opening of the Collimore Park, some $300,000 + spent on creating what has to be described as an impressive looking park. Whilst not all was completed, it was a delight watching some of the kids playing on the new equipment, kicking a ball in the mini soccer field and to watch the amazing Parkour display by some pretty fit young people.

I usually make comment that the councillors were unseen but I’m guessing an election mustn’t be too far away as suits abounded, Clr’s Mannoun, Hadid, Hadchiti, Karnib, Harle,  Lucas and Stanley were all there as the Mayor did the ceremonial ribbon cutting. I am a little surprised that Cllr Lucas was so blatant in his electioneering, he not only had his magnet ‘vote for me’ on his car (these will appear more and more over coming months), he drove it into the actual park, not only unsafe IMO but contravenes some of the councils electioneering on community space rules as well as perhaps the recent rules of advertising on community/council  land. Alas I’m hopeful someone in authority will bring that to his attention.

Onto the event, Aunty Norma Shelley kindly welcomed all and Mayor Waller officially opened the park, a nice short and snappy event and encouraging everyone to partake of the facilities and the free BBQ cooked by the capable Lions Club … at one point I believe present and past councillors and families may have outnumbered local residents but that soon changed as the local children came to enjoy the festivities. I was also chuffed to chat with some of the council staff who built the park who, while not actually rostered on came by to see how everything went as well as those dedicated staff who made sure everything ran smoothly. This is the side of our staff those willing to knock don’t see and makes me so proud of the quality of the staff we have on LCC.

I’ve attached a few pictures in which my grandson features, in his opinion it’s a ‘great park’ and he clearly enjoyed it so much we were coerced to take him back on Sunday this time with  scooter in tow.

Whether you live next door or not, this well located park is worthy of the trip, the free council car park on Moore Street allows safe parking and easy access, with plenty of seating and a clear view across the whole park made watching my little bloke as he tried everything safe and easy. A note that council has been advised that some children had removed the safety cones from the bike set up and have reinstalled the safety fencing until the tailor-made signs arrive in the next week or two.

A Job well done Liverpool Council (note to self, time to buy a decent camera)


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