Council meeting 26.3.12

When thinking of things worth mentioning about last night’s council meeting,  the first thing that comes to mind is the General Managers comment that some files were lost in the fire…. seems to me at the very first council meeting held at CPAC his comments were that everything up to the Thursday night had been backed up, that only extra large plans and Friday info was lost to the fire. This had been reiterated on other occasions,  however that was clearly stated at CPAC. As I’ve received emails from the GM in the past when he didn’t like what I posted I chose to check with some other regular attendees and guess what, they heard the same thing and wondered as did I what else might be lost that we’ve been told was safe….

I was also stunned at Clr Hadchiti’s comment that as far as he was concerned it didn’t matter how or what the cost to fight the intermodal he wanted council to do everything necessary… while I’m sure the community at Wattlegrove and surrounds are keen  and rightly so… I was glad to hear Cllr Stanley’s voice of reason when she added up the wish list and it had come to almost $900,000. And that was based on beginning estimates… fight the intermodal monstrosity absolutely… but a blank cheque????, also the business owner at 187 Elizabeth Drive should be happy that the sale has been delayed while alternatives are sought for the block at 181…this item was amongst a number of properties put forward by council last year for sale… and this is something we should watch closely for,  as once they are sold they are gone forever, which reminds me… make your voices heard on No 1 Hoxton Park Road, which is on exhibition as I write… this prime piece of real estate could be our next major loss if we don’t speak up now… Council already could have potential buyers in the wings as it was put out for expressions of interest first…I personally think this piece of land too valuable to sell in a downturned market when there are a number of public use ideas that could be investigated and considered before divesting of this huge piece of prime land.

More as it comes to mind, don’t forget the Liverpool Leader has a full rundown of Council happenings in tomorrows paper.


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