Battered wife syndrome

Indulge me here for a few minutes, I’ve been a little stunned by the media reports that the likes of Palmer and Forrest, arguably two of Australia’s richest and most influential men are taking the Government to court.

While I support the rights of individuals to pursue justice, I’m simply stunned by the communities attitude to so many things these days… and to me it’s’ akin to battered wife syndrome.  A medical condition that has a battered wife (or husband) so mentally (& physically) abused by their spouse that they believe they are the cause of the problem, not those beating the crap out of them.

In this analogy, the average person (us) is the battered person and our power yielding moguls, right wing extremists, religious pariah and major media are those beating the living crap out of us…how you ask, by having us so scared to lose what we have we seek someone to blame, by convincing the masses that our scientists lie to us for personal gain, our elected officials are out to cheat us, that we are the ones at fault, causing the problems, for increased taxes,the state of the nation, for being disabled, for needing assistance, for being unemployed, for not earning a living wage… Next it will be our fault that there was a GFC.

Heaven forbid IT’s NOT that those with the most power and money are doing everything they humanly can to support, share the weight, bear the load, employ or create new jobs. The reality is many of those majors are actually reaping enormous profits, while cutting jobs, avoiding taxes, taking those profits overseas, even attempting to employ cheap overseas labour. I’ve heard it said that one of Mr Forests companies is yet to actually pay any tax.

We doubt our scientists….question the integrity of the people we elect, (why elect them?) becoming Doubting Thomas’s, unsatisfied, greedy and in a never ending pursuit of more.

I don’t recall us electing big companies to run our country and set the agenda?So why are we accepting laws being made by those WE ELECT, be challenged by multinationals seeking nothing more than self interest and profits?  Why are we becoming so influenced by moguls with endless media buy’s and stopped listening to our innate sense of what is right for all?

Have we stopped reaching for the stars, aspiring to  knowledge and information,  seeking facts? While this is not entirely the fault of those listed above, as I believe we have the right to resist, have we been battered into this state of mind so long now we don’t even recognise the bruises for what they are?

Fight back I say, support good ideas, no matter who puts them forward, scorn the greedy millionaires who seek nothing more than increased wealth and base our arguments in fact not fiction. Put our nation and its people first, pay our taxes, care for our lesser able’d, our elderly, our unemployed and  those escaping tyranny. Build hospitals,homes, sustainable energy & economy, while  creating jobs, support our public services share the load and support each other instead of the relentless pursuit of more.


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