4.3.12 Clean Up Australia Day Lighthorse Park

A Big thank you to LCC for Hosting again this year the Clean UP Australia Day and for the Lions club who so ably attend to our food and beverage needs… this is I think my 4th Clean up day and they have been pretty outstanding and amazingly consistent throughout that time.

It was one of those days when you arrived you weren’t real sure if the event would even be on; I arrived at about 8.40 to find the Council and Lions people already hard at work setting up. After a night of what at times was torrential rain I really didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t surprised to quickly realise that there were going to be areas where only gumboots would work.

Shortly after, my Greens colleagues Craig & Pedro arrived ready for work, we decided that the entrance to the Park was pretty pathetic as it seems no matter how many bins are about cigarettes, plastic Bottles and Macca’s wrappers are too heavy to carry all that way. 3.5 hrs later and some 17 or so other people pitching in saw a remarkable difference to Lighthorse Park, which as many of you will know has an amazing history and has hosted National tree day in the past (FYI the trees planted a few years ago are now pretty impressive). It is also the regular C U Aus day Local council selected location.

Wouldn’t the refuse be reduced by lots and lots if we had a Container deposit system in place ;-)?

My understanding is that Cllr Lucas’s L A Group were also working on Bedwell Park and Cllr Mannoun’s group was making hay at Wattlegrove. There were numerous sites all across the LGA all power to the people I say as tonnes and tonnes of rubbish is now not strewn all over and on its way to either sorting or landfill. I am hopeful some of our other councillors were attending other sites as none attended the council sponsored site of Light Horse Park.Thanks again to Craig, Pedro and Phillip for working with me on what is now an annual event, I hope I see more of you at National Tree day in (I think) August…

BTW this pic was taken at the end of the program not the beginning… what can I say the boys looked fine,  I look a little worse for wear LOL.


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