Council meeting 27.2.12

Well that comes under the ‘interesting’ event tag. A fairly quick meeting, consisting of an attempt at a censure motion, yelling locals, usual topics and new people to meet…

Last night councillors spent considerable time discussing an urgency motion regarding totally inappropriate comments made by one councillor on a website…as I’m sure there will be more on this I will not mention the name of the councillor… however a great deal of discussion went into how to word the complaint, etc, etc …and while having a coffee later I was taken back to a similar situation some time ago when Cllr Hadchiti was accused, proven inappropriate and censured for making inappropriate comments to another councillor… the outcome… having the whole thing not only heard by all councillors, taped for record keeping and witnessed by the gallery, considerable dollars spent on the investigation when the ruling was handed down, he simply chose to ignore, dispute and disregard the outcome.

So what can we expect to come from this.? What will happen here now the precedent is set?… could we expect the same, should we expect the same? For the record I was personally disgusted by the comments made on the website, but I was similarly disgusted by the comments of the previous situation as well… and totally unsatisfied with Cllr Hadchiti’s actions.

Then I thought, ahha the difference here is there will be a number of people who make a formal complaint… then I realised they did before also….so where do we stand?

I can only assume after an appropriate investigation and considerable time (& money)…we will be advised, however the question begs asking…would the previous censure have been acted upon differently if said councillor knew his actions would allow the next one (even more vilifying) to be dismissed similarly… as I said only time will tell… but this is not how our councils should operate and again we are to be embarrassed by poor behaviour and lack of professionalism by some of our councillors.  The true outcome of the embarrassment may not be known until counting time in September when we find out if our community accepts this behaviour OR treats it with the appropriate contempt.

AS for yelling locals, new people… as with most council meeting some residents will not achieve their goals and leave unhappy, while I get to meet new people and put names to faces, which I  must say is always a plus in my book.

Until next time…enjoy your week… come up and visit me at the clean up Australia Day Program on Sunday and where I can I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening about our city.


4 Responses to Council meeting 27.2.12

  1. Ursula says:

    Isn’t it a pity that the people we (the collective) elect to represent us don’t stand for the best that we all can/could be? Sounds like there will be some interesting times ahead!

    • Signe says:

      there certainly will Be Ursula…this however was a pretty low act and we all live with the ramifications of racism etc… not nice at all.

  2. Christine says:

    unfortunately was not able to attend meeting on monday. reading the article in the Liverpool Champion regarding cemeteries was there a motion and by who, to ban future cemetery applications by rezoning?
    Further, would that also hopefully ban the only application still being assessed at 321 Greendale Road?

    • Signe says:

      Hi Christine,
      I believe you are speaking of the changes to the LLEP… and from a quick glance at the paper yesterday I think they are on exhibition… on the councils page. I remember seeing the numbers on Greendale in the minutes, but cannot recall if 321 was amongst them. A quick check of the LCC website, business papers may help you clarify that. I hope that helps a little it was an interesting meeting if not disturbing in some ways.

      See you soon Signe

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