Do they think we’re dumb?

I was asked that question last night…do they think we’re dumb? a)Who is they and b)well I  don’t know…

Now let me explain,  Last night was the new combined Urban Forum, new starting time and a guest speaker. Sal Husain who spoke about growth in the CBD etc which was very interesting and another baptism of fire for him as these experienced residents asked lots of questions, all very interesting and informative in my opinion. I love that the forums provide a venue for residents to learn the workings and programs of the council and it is very often a two way exchange of ideas and history but I digress.

The fact: There were no councillors were in attendance last night, last week Cllr Harle attended and Cllr Hadid arrived for about the last hour to the rural forum… not that big deal really as attendance by councillors over the last 3+ years has been sporadic to nonexistent.  Although I’m aware councillors are struggling over the coming budget (Cllr Hadchiti is particularly concerned so much so  I wish he’d focus on the job and leave his petty  politics out) however Councillors on the whole do not attend forums, community events etc, be it a tree lighting or whatever. The Mayor does of course attend a great number of events when officiating however hasn’t attended any of the forums in the last 4+ years.

Cllr Harle does attend quite a few, Cllr Lucas a couple and the rest pretty much don’t attend at all… that is until election time… which is why I was asked if they thought we were stupid.

It seems once an election is coming close councillors tend to think community interaction is important, so much so there is a likelihood that the August forums will be cancelled in light of the upcoming election on the 8th September…so do they think we are stupid, I can’t really say what our councillors think but I do know one thing, attendees do know who shows up and who doesn’t and the last minute be seen attempts will not go towards a vote.

Liverpudlians are a clever lot; they know the difference between genuine concern and involvement as opposed to ‘oops remember me I’m your councillor’ and  ‘look at me I’m a candidate’.  Thank goodness the community knows the difference.


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