Here’s a Question for you

There has been an endless barrage over many months against the Greens and the Federal Government with regards to the Carbon and Mining Taxes – true- so much so in Liverpool we devoted a community debate to it, again -true- so here’s the question, If those ‘taxes’ are going to be so incredibly bad for the community, why is the NSW Liberal Govt wanting to explore the options of MORE Mining? (I refer to this week’s hot topic of mining exploration by the NSW Govt across the state)

My guess is, when you take the politics away from the topic, and acknowledging mining is one of, if not our major exports…those involved in mining are making truck loads of profit and there is no doubt a list of people who want IN on the operation.  The mining giants were happy to argue the point, of course, they like making their enormous profits and want to retain as much as possible, but if all the doom and gloom and sky is falling rhetoric is true (which I clearly believe it isn’t) why would our Premier be exploring the opportunity of creating even more?

It saddens me deeply when we have two possible options 1) all the bluster about the Carbon/mining  taxes were purely political expedience motivated by vote grabbing and the good of the people wasn’t what it was all about at all, [surprise surprise] OR 2) Mr O’Farrell is selling us up the river and doesn’t care what the cost to the community is as long as we get to dig more big holes in the country side. This I consider doubtful as I don’t want to believe anyone in his position would actually aspire to doing that… heaven knows I hope I’m right here.

If the Carbon Tax and Mining resources Taxes are sooooo bad…why would we be looking to do more… and to our resident Cllr  Tweeter…perhaps July 1 really won’t be that bad after  all so no need to panic.


4 Responses to Here’s a Question for you

  1. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe,
    if you haven’t noticed, the mood in the community is all wait and see, industry in general is rethinking its position as to whether to shed, maintain the status quo or employ more staff. The signs are there, all is not well in the economy, especially NSW. The states that have their economy built on mining such as WA have problems too outside that sector. If NSW has an opportunity to build a new industry that will fill the coffers, BOF would have to be a fool not to do it, with or without the super mining tax. Labor didn’t exactly leave the Liberals rolling in a surplus.
    The CO2 (Clean Energy Tax) is only going to put up prices for the community at large and will not reduce the earth’s temperature one iota (what a hoax). What this present government is doing is criminal, they’re borrowing against our children’s future prosperity to fund their spendthrift ways. Come hell or high water, the “surplus” must be delivered at any cost. We now have deficit of 145 Billion Dollars, steadily rising every week.
    The compensation in tax cuts will only bring us further down the road with Greece, but no one to bail us out.
    The only full time jobs created in the last figures released were for the 20 or so Clean Energy Departments in Canberra, no doubt to be claimed as newly created “green jobs”
    Our competitive edge in high energy consumption industries has been eroded, with the Aussie Dollar at an all time high and high wages, the prospects don’t look too bright, especially for manufacturing and any jobs that can be done online.
    It is economic madness to even consider this Clean Energy Tax in any way shape or form, it is nothing more then a pseudo increase in GST, a tax grab, for a government that only knows how to spend willy nilly, with no regard to value for money, they don’t care, they’re not accountable now or ever will be, the only thing they understand is numbers at the ballot box.
    This belligerent Government in Canberra is an insult to the Australian public.
    The next election can’t get here soon enough.
    Ray Van

    • Signe says:

      Hi Ray,
      I think firstly we have to address you “he’d have to be a fool…’ Ray my point exactly is that they wouldn’t be mining if there was no profit…therefore the taxes are not prohibitive.

      We are unlikely to ever agree on much of this topic which is fine, I am not here to support or defend decisions made by the Labor governments other than to say the touted state financial crisis/mess is likely overstated. I’d like to also ask you to research the achievements of governments over the last century and see who made the tough decisions, created jobs etc and who sat on bank accounts… you might find it illuminating.

      What I can say however, is that this insistence on resistance to a tax on the top producing and earning companies in this country, whether via the Clean Energy Tax or the Mining Tax is ridiculous and would directly set us on a path of Greece, who by the way a population of 11million, that has resisted Taxes for so long they had nothing in the coffers to address the needs of the people and has led to the crisis they face now as sad as it is. One might say it’s time to pay the piper and it is having catastrophic affects on those same people.

      No one likes taxes but they are what run a country… constantly fighting against the biggest income earners paying their fair share is just silly and its time some people realised that many large companies are already doing what one of the taxes was supposed to do, they are improving their manufacturing processes to reduce the impact of the tax… which from all accounts has to be a desired outcome and they didn’t wait… it started ages ago.

      Onto who to blame…. if we are looking anywhere perhaps the ever so helpful allies the USA might garner more attention, if they hadn’t adjusted their dollar in an effort to improve their manufacturing & productivity (which by the way has worked for them, unemployment is moving down) we might not have the high dollar we have now. In an attempt to fix their own woes, they wanted to impact China and others and seemed not to care the good old Australia would be caught up in their attempts. Please note China chose not to play and the Yuan is competing on its own merit.

  2. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe,
    the Chinese are regulating their Yuan and refuse to float it to make the world economy an even playing field, just imagine how much China would loose if their currency appreciated to where it should be, their competitive edge would be severely impacted so don’t hold your breath for that to happen.
    As for paying taxes, yes everyone has to contribute, but that doesn’t mean the government of the day can squander it and our future earnings on nonsensical ideology and hair brained schemes.

    • Signe says:

      Hi Ray,

      I don’t expect the Chinese to adjust anything… my point being the US was self serving and acting on (only) their own behalf (as is China). As to squander, I don’t see health or schools as hair brained schemes. Let me know if you manage a list of achievements I think you’ll be surprised and FTR I resent a Govt who banks my taxes instead of making necessary improvements in health, schools and other community support programs. But we’ve been down this road before and are unlikely to agree anytime soon.

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