6.2.12 Council meeting – A new record**

Last night’s council meeting set a new record, and before you think, what dumb thing did they do…well it was in—time–a record early close…all done and dusted by 9.20pm. as for the dumb things they did… common sense prevailed and the councillors decided (7-3-Cllr Lucas was MIA until just before the end) that $100,000 fighting fund for the intermodal was unfair to many other important issues that have gone before and that it was fair and reasonable to fight the mega-modal but from within a considered and reasonable budget utilising the expertise and experience of those already working in council.

The decision as to how many or who may attend the women’s conference in Dubbo was swept aside and potential attendees were given a week to inform the GM of their attendance. Again, as with all conferences I support attendance however the number attending should be regulated and minimal… let’s face it at $160 per room per night (3) accommodation and a registration fee of $540 each this could quickly become an expensive venture… don’t get me wrong, we only have three women councillors and I could fairly easily be convinced that all three should attend however the requirement is not only women attend, potentially 11 could and we now would be none the wiser, as it wasn’t decided in open council.

On what was a relatively light agenda, some reasonable discussion took place on the intermodal issue, some less than pleasant jibes from Cllr Mannoun when Cllr Harle put some perspective to the matter of $100,000,  the decision to reclassify our recently purchased land at Kemps Creek was ratified, decisions regarding the alignment of power @ our property 52 Scott Street, investment outcomes, Malek Fahd School DA conditions, the community shuttle bus (more on this further down) and general council business stuff was dispatched with relative ease including the support of the Graffiti management Strategy and rubber stamping the committee minutes although one item was referred to general business regarding the use of local roads by the ARTC, I’m sure there will be more on that at a later time.

The Community Bus… from the advice of the GM a decision has not yet been made by the minister regarding the Community Bus, so please if you see the benefit in the all day free parking at Collimore and would prefer the State Govt pay for the shuttle bus, now is the time to write to the Minister.  I will write again shortly and post here,  if you would like help or additional info pls call or email me asap.

Lastly if you are a business owner, manager or decision maker tonight at the Liverpool TAFE at 6pm is the safety workshop co hosted by Liverpool LAC , Council and chamber of commerce… see you there.

** I’ve been reminded that the shortest meeting was actually when Cllr Lucas was overseas…as his attendance last night was quite limited there may just be a trend LOL


2 Responses to 6.2.12 Council meeting – A new record**

  1. Hi signe, did they have on the agenda a photographic thing. Lucas wanted to introduce it. Photographing the lac from the air and various places in Liverpool?
    Cheers, Si

    • Signe says:

      Hi Simon, Nope…just double checked the Q w Notice and not there either…although Cllr Lucas only arrived just before the end… it wasn’t that I recall in the business papers at all. Hope all is fine in Macarthur – Shery drew the short straw and now attends Cnl meetings LOL chat soon

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