We are one but we are many….and from all the lands on earth we come

Australia Day celebrations in Liverpool, tomorrow is Australia Day, fingers crossed the weather improves so we can gather and celebrate our fabulous nation.  Like so many other nations we have a somewhat sordid history, we’ve made mistakes and  treated our brothers  and sisters badly, there is no undoing the wrongs and many will say saying sorry just isn’t enough and they could well be right. However, Australia day in Liverpool inspires me so much, no matter what your history, your country of birth, your age or religious choice we can come together to celebrate and share. Liverpool Council hosts a wonderful day out for the family and I encourage you to join us, amazing entertainment, fun free events and rides and others you can pay for, free plants for your garden and information stalls of all kinds. This is the time when our community can come together, whether we sing, play or listen to great music, eat at the many stalls or simply enjoy the fireworks; we come together and do this as a community. These are the days that help make me proud to be a Liverpudlian.

Reading the paper today I was delighted to see that the electoral commission would be at the Citizenship ceremony in the morning and inviting new citizens to enrol as Australians to vote at our elections… they’re calling 2012 the Year of enrolment.  As a proud voter I encourage all new citizens and any one turning 18 to take up the privilege of voting for who represents us, and with a council election only 228days away… there is no better time. 

See you tomorrow… a recent council post says it’s on rain or shine….

Woodward Park Cnr Hume Highway and Hoxton Park Road Liverpool 4-9pm.


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