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One of the pleasures of being at the computer while everyone else has been away is that you spend a little more time surfing different sites and blogs. For some time now I’ve been reading the works of numerous writers in a site called Cafe Whispers( some time ago I posted one of their articles)… they have a number of contributors and the topics are as diverse as anyone could possibly hope, mostly around politics but not always. Those of you who know me know of my penchant for politics…and not only my own.  I believe to bring real and appropriate service to the community you need to at least understand your opponent’s opinion, not necessarily agree with it, but certainly a need to understand where they are coming from. I believe in debate and fair considerate discussion of many issues and points of view. Having said that my leaning will always be to what is best for our community, what is fair and most reasonable for all concerned not just those sharing my particular view. I’ve attached the web address for Cafe Whispers as  I’ve enjoyed reading it, if you too are interested have a look, if not that’s fine too…

Oh and don’t forget to continue to log in here where I attempt to keep you abreast of local issues and remind you of important events and local happenings… in this case don’t forget next Thursday (26th) is the Australia Day Fair at Woodward Park on the corner of the Hume Hwy and Hoxton Park Road. Parking should be available at the Whitlam centre (usually a gold coin donation) or catch the T-way and there will be fun for all… let’s hope the weather stays mild (& dry) so we can enjoy all the events, rides, entertainment and of course the 9pm fireworks.

Looking forward to seeing you there.



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