Liverpool in the Press A G A I N ;-(

Cllr Mannoun has a photo of himself and an article in today’s paper about the parking meters again, I’ve lodged the comment below because so far when he has had the opportunity to discuss this in committee or even in council he has failed to attend… perhaps if we want him to show up at a council meeting we might have to employ a photographer…similar happened with the Coopers Paddock situation, he was on the river for a Photo shoot but didn’t make it to the council meeting to either argue or vote against the issues.

Of particular interest however was the poll, the  majority of respondents voted Yes to free parking however when we invited the community & Business owners in Liverpool  to comment and discuss the attendance was extremely poor and comments few…interesting!

My comment: (may or may not be published according to the papers info)

Cllr Mannoun only gets upset about this in the press, he failed to attend when this was being discussed and voted on several times where he could have and should have voiced his concerns. Alas when there is an opportunity to have his face in the newspapers he can find the time…or on the river for a photo shoot against another matter… but attend the appropriate committee or council meeting…not so much…no photographers it seems..Poor form councillor.



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