A belated Happy New Year 2012

Here we are almost a week into the New Year and just about everyone is either back at work or ready to start back soon. I truly enjoyed and surprisingly needed the break and have been back here now for 3 days catching up on the all too numerous tasks that simply don’t stop because we take a few days off. I know we’re all in the same position and I have missed the forums and the interaction with many like minded people. I am not alone however, I got a call from a fellow green member yesterday asking if there was anything he could do, seems when you have been bitten by the community activity bug you get keen to become involved in some kind of useful and proactive way.

The news is, perhaps the bad news that many, many things still remain to be addressed here in Liverpool, we desperately need a seat at the table regarding the Moorebank Intermodal Project, we need to be heard in regards to the M5 widening, the Casula/Warwick Farm residents still need noise walls along the railway, the ARTC road access to CPAC is still on the drawing board and with the proposed intermodal  access bridge to cross this park we NEED to be heard. The impact of the Greenfields developments and Section 94 caps will impact is here in Liverpool greatly, there are still issues with cemeteries in the outer suburbs of Liverpool, talk of the release of restrictions on the Badgerys Creek Airport site are still pending and much, much more.

There are things we need to stay abreast of including the need to keep a close eye on decisions being made by council and an upcoming election means this will be a busy year.

Hopefully with some real wins for the community, perhaps with some changes in the makeup of council and with a bit of luck more and more of the community becoming involved in what happens in their city.

Liverpool is such a great place to live, work and play, to raise a family and build a bigger more dynamic city in which our children can find work, get access to better education choices and where there is a fun and an interactive place for all to enjoy.

One thing to write on your diary today is the Liverpool’s Australian Day Celebrations (26th), set to be held again this year at Woodward park on the corner of Hoxton Park Rd and the Hume Highway, I’ve had the pleasure of attending this event for several years now and highly recommend it as a fun family outing, and not necessarily a budget killer for those of us on lower incomes.

Don’t forget for the first time the Archibald’s are at CPAC until the 15th (I think) what a coup for us to host this event. I’m heading down there this weekend maybe I’ll see you there.

Finally. welcome back to my blog for 2012, I will do my best to keep you up to date with what is happening here in Liverpool, I will continue to encourage you to become involved in our local community and to voice your opinion on lots of topics, write submissions and have your say, including here, I value your input and encourage you to comment on anything I write.


2 Responses to A belated Happy New Year 2012

  1. Ursula says:

    Looking forward to another year of observations ~ for Liverpool. 🙂
    Happy 2012.

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