Council Meeting 19.12.11

The last council meeting for 2011 was pretty much as one would expect a very full agenda. Coopers Paddock was on the agenda and while the entire site was not given to council we gained more space than we had initially been offered for the safety of the flora and fauna. The ATC will remediate the site and hand it over to council over the coming years, all in all a good outcome albeit a lot of expertise involved to ensure the Powerful owl, the Varied Sittella and numerous other species now have sufficient space to roost and call home… the big hope now is that the remediation doesn’t disturb the more fragile and move them away.  An interesting outcome was for the Direct Freight people, in that they were seeking a 24/7 licence to operate, and no one had mentioned the option of the ‘proposed’ new 400 metre section of road, from what I heard the freight company may be coerced into assisting financially with this road, which would make the lives of the many in that sector safer and happier.

I have attached the presentation I made to councillors, here I’ve indicated what was ‘missed’ by the councillors interjections and frankly I wasn’tperturbed, it was as I expected but I am happy with the outcomes, albeit the nonsense with the carbon tax didn’t get stopped, I am confident the people of Liverpool will know this is a political stunt and treat it with the appropriate disdain. Every thinking person knows the 17% the state government is planning to increase power next year (on top of the nearly 40% in the recent past) will affect us all way more than the compensated .07%. Alas as a council election is imminent this is to be expected. Cllr Lucas did not succeed in his attempt to have the community ousted from the CBD committee (tks to Cllr Stanley for her support) and the community forums (although now two not three) will continue monthly from Feb-November interestingly at Cllr Lucas behest.  The other reason for posting my comments was that as always some councillors don’t really listen and in the discussions later in the evening Cllr Hadchiti clearly misquoted me so I’ve posted here for the record.

As I said it was a full agenda and we finished up at approx 11.30pm, council kindly provided a supper however I and many others were simply happy to make a move home. Some of our staff travel long distances and to their credit some were seen arriving at work at 8.30 as did I. I get a little miffed when I hear disparaging comments about our staff, they are from what I’ve observed a decent and hardworking group of people and I wish them all a very Merry Christmas and may 2012 bring exciting times for us all.

All is not necessarily done for 2011 although that was the  final meeting/committee/forum for the year and I do miss them over the break however I am looking for some time off with family as I am sure most people are.


2 Responses to Council Meeting 19.12.11

  1. Ursula says:

    Good news about Cooper’s Paddock! I had meant to ask you if you were making a representation, as I got our paperwork in the mail (albeit too late to do anything with it!.
    Keep up the good fight! 🙂

    • Signe says:

      As with all things more would be better but in the end we got a larger piece than was initially offered.. the Powerful Owl should be safe which is fabulous, have you ever seen them in flight they are gorgeous?

      I wrote a submission and last night just asked that they listen to the people. all in all a reasonable outcome for all concerned including the ATC – now we need to watch out for what kind of businesses apply to work from that site… we don’t want any thing heavy industry wise in there at all.

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