How lucky are we?

In this instance I’m saying the Greens members, yesterday I spent the day with approximately 100 like minded, caring and passionate individuals, who worked through numerous policy and party decisions… while debate can be at times full on it is always respectful, topics too varied to list but each with the passion I rarely see in other places. These are everyday people, teachers, lawyers, mums and dads, office workers, mayors, councillors, business owners even state members and federal senators… with one similarity, they all care deeply for the future of our cities, our state, our country and in fact our planet… what inspires me most, is at these gatherings, senators sit with their groups, MLCs alongside their local membership, there is no pretence, no air of superiority, just like minded people working together.

When I joined the Greens, I really had only hoped this kind of group existed, how delighted I am now to be part of this amazing process. To discuss our local issues over lunch with a senator, or get ideas from seasoned local councillors, to work through policy and create new…all because we together believe in what we are doing and doing it together seems the right thing to do.

At a time when forums are finished for the year and committee meetings are winding down I am blessed to be able to continue working with passionate and dedicated people not only locally (our FLG Meetings will continue throughout Dec/Jan) but from all across the state. Where the children are welcomed, in fact two of them yesterday were outstanding in their cheerful ability to help with microphones and make sure everyone was heard even making a game of it. Where knitting is the norm and computers ticking away are standard… ahhh if all in life was like this achieving great outcomes in a busy yet convivial environment… not bad for a political group you’d have to agree.

Finally not all is stopped for 2011, there are items available for comment on the council website, the intermodal public exhibition is still there for comment, the road widening on the M5 is approved and seems like there is no more discussion to be had, our friends at Hoxton Park have been ‘promised’ their long awaited sewerage commencing mid 2012, we don’t feel any closer to noise walls for our Casula residents although not giving up on this one either and will be interested to see if we can continue to lobby for noise walls on the bridge of the M5…and of course there is still one council meeting left for 2011… Monday the 19th at 7pm at the Greenway centre… all welcome.  And don’t forget to take a walk through the mall… our big Christmas tree is up and glistens in the dark of evening, although I don’t recall reading that it had ‘an official lighting’ this year, it will be nice to take the children along to see it and while there, lets count our blessings, each of us have some amongst the worries and concerns of everyday.. but count them we must for they make all the worries worthwhile.


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