Council meeting 21.11.11

Following last night’s council meeting I’ve been thinking, is this how the majority of the people of Liverpool expect their councillors to behave and to be heard saying. Last night, as is oft the case,Lib/Ind  Cllr Lucas embarrassed us, the decent caring people of Liverpool. His constant innuendo, jibes and downright rude and thoughtless comments belittle us as a city. The conversation regarding the Graffitti walls/tanks at CPAC was again beyond the pale… the young man from Europe featured in the paper a couple of weeks ago painting on the tanks was actually pretty good press for Liverpool., alas not for Lucas, he hoped  this fellow wasn’t another one of “those illegal immigrants who overstay their visa’, how low does this man actually go… all the while using council funds as his personal slush fund and directing hundreds of thousands of dollars  at his will without taking it through the formal budget process to the community and yet supported by the Liberal coalition. Another financial offering of $7500 to fund signs etc against the intermodal… road works that may well need attention being financed when others like the very busy Bobbin Road remain appalling, with CCTV for the CBD now has a reserve funding pool to name a few, no doubt there are some good causes amongst them but usurping the usual public process and not having them even in the council minutes is inappropriate at best.

When people come up to you at the meeting to say how embarrassed and appalled they are by this man it makes you wonder about the people who vote for him in the first place. I believe the people who vote for him generally do not know his behaviour; they do not hear the depths to which he will troll… His carryon at the Carbon debate and those hecklers in the audience surely aren’t the majority, surely the good people of Liverpool expect their councillors to behave with some dignity, self restraint and perhaps just basic good grace.

Plus of course the constant call from the Liberal coalition for private briefings on all and sundry, what the hell happened to transparency?

On a positive note Lib/Ind Cllr Napolitano, who arrived quite late, however in time to  jump to the defence and support of the walls and the users.

A Pattern is emerging, that the Labor councillor’s vote in accordance with advice given by the staff, this to me is a good thing in that we pay for the expertise of our staff, one would hope we trust their informed and educated judgement, tempered of course with our local knowledge and support of our residents.

Another matter the proposed development of the Flower Power site at Moorebank was supported by the Liberal Coalition again as the staff advised against building walls in flood prone land, and again the Labor members were outnumbered, if you’ve lived here as long as I have one would question developing that land for residential at all.

At the same time the Valley Music group finds themselves better off sourcing private premises rather than rely on council for support, I guess they have the ousting of 2GLF as an example on that one!

Then of course it is becoming clear that an election is in the wind, Liberal Cllr  Hadchiti directing comments to the gallery about their presentation to council or Lib/Ind Cllr Harle attempting to justify/resurrect  poor previous decisions while Lib Cllr Hadid feels there are potential votes in highlighting correspondence from a local Labor MP that will endear him to the community. Worse still that same councillor was previously a ‘close and valued friend’ of said MP… one has to ask, what kind of sincerity is there when one can flip flop support not only for a close and valued friend  but an entire moral/political ethic just to get elected.  

While Lib Cllr Mannoun must feel scare tactics will have him elected again as he photographs  addicts on a Sunday morning. Spreading fear about walking the streets of our city (which by the way I and my husband do regularly day and night) is a poor political tactic albeit not new for him.

Frustration came to a head last night also as Mayor Waller finally raised her voice against the antagonistic and argumentative Lib/Ind Cllr Lucas.

As I look back over the agenda that I’d felt had but a few ‘issues’ within, some of the gallery left delighted with the outcome, while some residents left not happy they had been let down by the council… it is unrealistic to think you can make everyone happy.

However  there is one matter raised I would like you to watch out for and  is coming to  public exhibition soon, that  is  the options for the Old Council site… what happens here with this site  is  an important decision, this should not be taken lightly and one we the people of Liverpool absolutely need to be involved in. As with some of our parks being sold, once gone or developed they are gone forever and these assets cannot be replaced and should not be sold off for short term gain without the consensus of the people of Liverpool.

As promised previously I’ve attempted to outline who was responsible for some of my comments here, this I hope will remove the ambiguity and allow you the reader to clearly see the direction our council is heading, thereby making your decisions and opinions a little more informed.



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