A sense of Pride

Sitting here (while working) watching & listening to the Senate debate as the clean energy bill goes through.  Suffering the nonsense of the coalition comments make me wonder if they really believe what they are saying, and watching Bob Brown say how proud he was to be part of a decision that would not only support and protect Australians but the initiative that would protect and support the planet. Time will be the true judge, however I feel a real sense of pride today as I believe this long awaited step is being taken for the future of us all.

Cheering from the Gallery is heart warming, the smiles on the faces of the Greens & the Govt who have worked long and hard on this matter is testament to the importance of this legislation and for the future of our great nation… its ability to come together for what is right, for the rallies attended both for and against clearly shows an engaged community one of which I’m suitably proud!.


8 Responses to A sense of Pride

  1. Ray Van says:

    Time will tell, that this was the day democracy died and communism/socialism reared its ugly head. I feel betrayed by the very people that call themselves proud Australians. Can’t wait till the next election to see this lot decimated never to be heard of again.

  2. Ray Van says:

    FYI: Cheering from the gallery came from the GetUp “rent a crowd”. Free transport, beverages and food thrown in!

    • Signe says:

      you are such a cynic Ray, some of my fellow greens (& Local) were there also, would you be so grumpy if your side won the debate… you need to get over it and move on, such negativity is not good for you or those who believe in free speech. Gary Lucas got on a free bus and travelled to Canberra to oppose it I didn’t hear you make a fuss then.
      So thanks for the FYI but some of us are well informed already… stay in touch and pursue knowledge with an open mind.

      As for ‘rent a crowd’ you were at the LIverpool debate, pot kettle black I say.

  3. Ray Van says:

    If everyone else and I had a chance to cast a vote for or against this “clean energy” legislation at the polls and it got up with a genuine a majority I would and could accept it as a democratic outcome. This CO2 tax has come about by expediency, coercion, turncoat and blackmailing politics.

    • Signe says:

      I think slander is still illegal… do you have anyone in mind for those accusations or is it a general dummy spit Ray? You will have your turn to vote again at the next election, I see nothing expedient in this matter, personally I think it took way to long. Again, as I said before would you be so indignant if the result went for your Liberal coalition and it were Labor crying foul.

  4. Ray Van says:

    Like I said, this life changing legislation should have been taken to the electorate to have their domocratic say, not have it forced upon us the way it has come about! And yes if the coalition had tried this on us I’d be just as critical and loud about it! Truth and honour counts for a lot to me!

    • Signe says:

      Ray the changes are not life changing, the top worst polluters will pay more for their pollution, sure there will be a trickledown costs and the majority of people, those who cannot afford it will be compensated. I believe the coalition has lied to the public about the impacts using all sorts of scare tactics to frighten people and it appears they achieved their goal to some extent… truth and honour didn’t happen there but yet you support all their rhetoric. You can’t have it both ways, quantifiable, peer reviewed scientists and economists have said this was the best way to go, why do you not give them the same credence you give coalition politicians… I truly believe most politicians get into politics because they genuinely want to do what is right, on both sides of our two party fence, its’ time to allow the one with the majority (albeit it small) a chance to do the job and if you aren’t satisfied sack them at the next election…democracy… you have to let it happen.

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