the Story of Stuff.

Today I have been discussing the Intermodal with members of the community, Friday I was discussing it with the people at the Wattlegrove community centre who were attempting to convince those present that the intermodal is a good thing and has to go somewhere and Liverpool is the best option in their opinion, there are numerous reasons why many of us don’t quite agree, however today across my desk came this very interesting video called the Story of Stuff:

We’ve discussed on previous occasions our over consumerism however this little vid puts a number of these things into perspective…one being, if we didn’t have to consume so much, would we need to import so much stuff and if we didn’t need to import so much stuff would we need boats loads of stuff being brought into our harbours and parked at LIVERPOOL…. I hope you find the video as interesting as I did, you’ll need to set aside about 22 minutes but its’ definitely worth the time…it’s based on American consumerism, however as we strive to be so much like our US counterparts most applies equally to us… enjoy!


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