Intermodal -community consult –

Tonight at Wattlegrove Community Centre Village Way  3.30-8pm

Tomorrow Hunts Comfort Inn Hume Highway Casula  10am- 2pm

Come along, listen to what they say and tell them


A Peaceful Protest is proposed by the No Intermodal Group, hard hats, fluoro vests and signs if you wish to participate.


6 Responses to Intermodal -community consult –

  1. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe ,
    thank you for the support on this site, I hope you have many concerned followers that will attend the meets. It is important that we stand up as a community and show by numbers and feedback these Intermodals are in the wrong location for their intended purpose. We deserve better infrastructure in Liverpool!
    Ray Van

    • Signe says:

      Sadly Ray the community information was all it was, they were simply there to show and tell, the young lass I spoke with didn’t even know the Riverside Drive and Lighthorse park was a tip in the past, so it kind of blew out of the water her argument not to build across the Glenfield tip site, then to stand there and argue I was wrong….hmmmm. I understand they wouldn’t have had too many people shouting their praise but being better informed and simply saying they were ‘acquiring; our proposed Casula parklands, (nice place for a picnic, 24/7 1.8klm trains over head…NICE!) That’s without even addressing the impact on the community… when I asked would she like this next to her house, she simply replied would I… whilst not right next door to mine I said it would be next our homes and her comment was it was in the state interest…it had to go somewhere…must admit after an hour with me I think she needed a good lie down LOL. The only thing that really came from it for me was their new location for the rail link, not the one in the original plans and the fact she said they were keen to get comments…. Not sure they will like all the comments but hey, they offered!

  2. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe,
    reading between the lines and hearing some “off the cuff admissions” it became clear that the Intermodals are not the economical freight saviours they’re made out to be. By their own admission (MPO staff) concurred with my argument in the past that to put a container on a truck and deliver direct to the customers within the Sydney basin was the most economical way of delivering goods. After all is said and done, the M4 extension will make the Moorebank Intermodals redundant, Minto and Ingleburn can handle the South West and makes more economical sense as they’re already there and need only upgrading. By utilising our road transport network smarter, eg: truck clearway lanes during off peak times on the M4, M5 and M7, then the outskirts of Sydney can be utilized for freight movements/Intermodals to outside Sydney and Interstate.
    We can only hope that the M4 extension is fast tracked to free up the M5.
    There was a bit of banter too about SIMTA, they were of the opinion 2 Intermodals was an overkill, I don’t think it was by accident the rail access has been denied to SIMTA in the Concept Plan.
    Ray Van

    • Signe says:

      the ironey here Ray is that the young woman I spoke with wasn’t aware that the M5 became the F4 (?) to Campbelltown, she swore black and blue it only ‘Became’ the M7… and that the Minto intermodal would be utilised as a balance and that Enfield would be used also, didn’t beleive me when i told her they were at capacity already… Lots of holes in the arguments…

  3. Ray Van says:

    Hi Signe,
    I didn’t have the pleasure to talk to the dunce you copped. The senior people I spoke to were quite knowledgeable on the subject. The overall feel I got was they weren’t overly confident the project would proceed in its current form and price structure.
    The M5/Moorebank Ave intersection issue alone is enough of a price breaker to shelf the projects
    The ADF is really pushing their end just so they’ll have modern facilities no matter what the cost to the taxpayer. With funds in short supply, they might just have to wait a lot longer before their wishlist is completed.

    • Signe says:

      as always only time will tell. however in the meantime those of us affected should continue to lobby and point out the flaws …

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