2011 All done and dusted for another year

The Local Govt Association conference is all over for another year, a little embarrassing for Liverpool residents when I hear comments (from several participants) that our councillors could barely be found and didn’t for the most participate in debate. Alas they weren’t alone; on the last day so few were in attendance the question of a quorum was discussed. Did someone declare it picnic day and forget to tell others or do we have a number of councils whose councillors simply just don’t show up even though registered, possibly very good for the Nowra economy not necessarily fair to rate payers?

One noted that many of the Liberal persuasion had disappeared leaving but a few dedicated councillors – others noted that councillors from the likes of Fairfield only attended for one maybe two days.  (The Program commenced Sunday and finished midday Wednesday)

The question begs to be asked… is this fair and reasonable use of rate payers money, from my understanding for each councillor registered, Council  is required to pay approx $900 registration fee and of course accommodation and travel expenses.. . while they may save on a night or two accommodation do they get a discount on the registration fee… assuming each council can send up to 7 delegates and support people such as the GM does that mean $7200 minimum, for what the first day of voting then go home…sheesh. Then of course my usual question is while there who are the voting delegates for LCC and do they attend for the entire program. Our Liberal coalition were the attendees this year one can hope some answers are forthcoming, we put forward 3or 4 items for inclusion on the agenda and  answers on them would be interesting if nothing else.

As always I have pause to ask, could we not send 2 councillors and the GM or executive assistant and take notes, as you are all aware from previous years  Councillor Harle says it’s a great learning experience for councillors (which I don’t doubt) however only when they actually show up and/or participate. Alas I think this will be a question I continue to ask for some time…as for our councillors attendance only time will tell.


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