Quick round up

My last evening meeting of Last week was about the proposed planning changes, although I believe 18 people all up attended the majority being staff  from Liverpool City & Fairfield CityCouncils attended, one Cllr,  Stanley and a couple (3)of residents, the evening program was alas not so popular, only two of us attended outnumbered by the presenter/staff.

But what a mix, me the uber/pro transparency, and the other chap the absolute opposite. His comments have been on display previously as a ‘commenter’ on both StreetCorner and in the  local papers, I recognised his name and confirmed when he said he  was a town planner, while nice to put a face to a name  its’ always interesting to banter/debate about our differences and they were many. It will be very interesting to see what the result of this Property /Planning  Dept meet the people events across the state brings forward in the next few months… as always will share.

The weekend had me at a Greens event in beautiful Lawson, great time being with like minded people however the cost, not being able to attend the Liverpool Festival…did you go, if so share your thoughts here, would love to know how the event went, if the attendance was good and the best of the program… so do share…

A bit quiet on the home front as several of our councillors are in the Shoalhaven at the Local Govt Conference… if I hear anything especially interesting I’ll post it here…


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