Reading reading reading ;-)

According to the statutory investment report for Sept 2011 approximately 13 million dollars was spent by Liverpool Council on property acquisitions, some will be compulsory land acquisitions, some may be the flood prone area by backs, some may be associated with community needs, when will we find out how much council spent on 48-52 Scott Street Liverpool? Still hoping for transparency  so left to guess until then. ;-(

Also from now on when I am reporting on items such as our councils refusal to include Green Power purchases and such I will attempt, where I’m sure, to advise who of the councillors votes for and who against, it has been brought to my attention that a number of residents would like to know, and in fairness, our chief climate change deniers come from the Liberal coalition not the Labor party so I will where I’m sure begin to include that information. I will also continue to include any stupid comments like that of Cllr Hadchiti when asked what they could spend the estimated $70,000 on by not buying green power… it wasn’t bonus money Cllr… You’ll still need to purchase power it just won’t be going to research and development of cleaner, dare I say it, greener technologies. For those of you who follow this same councillor on twitter… you think he might have been too close to his paving paint? 😉

I’ve had a quick read through this coming Mondays minutes and congratulate Cllr Stanley for asking the question of proposed costs to council for not including Green energy in our purchase, while I’m not sure of the extent and detail to which accurate answers will be available, as some may be conjecture, I know our council staff will endeavour to provide the most accurate analysis they can.

I also support the GM in his decision to not handle the 2012 Council elections in house, with current ICAC investigations and questions over the lack of transparency the last thing anyone in Liverpool needs is doubt, I feel this, albeit potentially a more expensive option and with our lack of expertise in house is a good choice. I do recall a conversation with our previous GM who felt he could have done a better job in house and perhaps he did have the required expertise, in this instance however I agree is perhaps the best option.

Residents of the Western area may be delighted at the decision re the crematoria; however I’ve not read that in detail yet… and will over the weekend… let’s hope it’s good news all-round.

Don’t forget Next Monday the 17th at 7pm is the council meeting, brought forward because several of our councillors will be on the south coast for the Local Govt Association meeting.

See you at the Francis Greenway Centre!


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