Important ‘Business’ briefing and Western Forum

As many of you know I’m one of the community representatives on the CBD Committee, I take my commitment to the committees very seriously; in fact I take all my commitments seriously, whether to a forum, a committee or my city… seems not too many of our councillors feel the same way.

I am disgusted that after all the kafuffle in the papers about the meter parking that not one of the Liverpool City Councillors (even those on the committee) felt the briefing organised for the chamber of commerce and business owners in Liverpool was important enough to attend…not even the loudest dissenter Cllr  Mannoun. But if that wasn’t enough, not even those irate and disgusted business people bothered to show up… excluding and attending were Harry Hunt (Chamber Pres ) and another Gentleman from the Chamber of Commerce , two Senior Gentlemen from the Bowling Club  (& maybe Chamber) and myself  (5 business owners) and we were outnumbered by the GM, 3 Senior Staff and 3 other staff members with the consultant who has been working with LCC.  To add salt one of the gents from the bowling club said he doesn’t even shop in Liverpool, and will continue to go where there is free parking like Miller, Green Valley or Carnes Hill.

Councillors! the question begs to be asked… was it the expected  lack of media coverage, did you perhaps not give a crap, why is it that of the 6 councillors on the CBD committee, the other 5, some of which have been quite outspoken against the parking strategy did none of them deem this ‘urgent business briefing’ important enough to attend ( I hesitate to add I doubt the consultant gave his time freely although his input was informative)…sheesh… some of you guys deliberately stirred up the hornets’ nest and clearly it seems just for the media exposure, I seriously hope the people of Liverpool realise your agenda before they come to reinstall you next year.

 I am all for discussion, argument and debate and was ready to discuss my views and support the decisions made, I might add this after all has been discussed continually since I first joined the CBD FORUM some 9 years ago… when my husband first brought up the idea of a free community bus (and parking, a topic long and high on the agenda even before that).

On another note, thanks to the staff, (whose names I do know but without their permission won’t print)  a nice supper was provided and of course I always enjoy catching up with our staff members….

Then I drove to Bringelly for the Western Forum, (two councillors were there Gary Lucas & Peter Harle). I felt quite chuffed that I’d made it and only about 35mins late and was able to hear the final part of Paul Scullys’  (Library Director) presentation to the community  (Paul reminded me I had heard it at a previous forums) so I didn’t feel too bad.

I do enjoy my interaction with residents and it seems it was noted that I was late, one of the regulars took me to task (nicely) for being tardy…sorry about that 😉 all in all another busy day, another day where our councillors disappoint , seriously we deserve better.

Don’t forget the council meeting has been rescheduled for next Monday 17th 7pm, look forward to seeing you there.


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